Why Keyword Research Is Important For Blogging


Whatever you do online the basic thing that stands in the crowd is Keyword Research. The central focus that you have to do while writing any post is Keyword Targeting. Yeah!! Many fail to do it, but today we here at our blog would highly advise our dear visitors is first to know the importance of keyword research. Now, all your hands will be up in the air.

You may be writing big or lengthy articles but did you ever think why my posts are not ranking? Am I lagging any strategies? After some time, you may be ranking but stop getting traffic right?

So before proceeding, I just want to know from you that do you read the 5 Essential SEO Tips to Rock in 2015. If you missed this article for any reason, don’t miss this time. Read it now…
As SEO is concern – several factors really can rank any article in the Google’s first position. But, if Keyword Research is not done properly, then ranking post will become very tight.
First and foremost strategy from our side is first to grab your competitor ranking factors like – Back links for the particular post, blog design, etc…

Pro Tip: If two of your competitors are targeting for a particular keyword then the best practice you can do to rank the rank is combining of those two keywords and making it as Long Tail Keyword.

Why Keyword Research Is Important For Blogging

I think, this quote can tell you enough about the importance of the Keyword research if you are doing online business or you are an internet marketing buddy.

We all know that fact that the great search giant – Google has already declared that from here onwards when choosing keywords, writing the blog post & adding Meta keywords.
Check out How to find Low Competition Keywords

I’ll be explaining with some few examples – Yes!! If you write an article on Keyword Research, I would never recommend you to write and even if it ranks, your bounce rate will be very high since Title with the keyword is one of the factors.

The best way to rank such post is choosing write and low competitive keywords like Importance of Keywords, Significance of Keyword Research.

Let us have a very quick glance about Importance of Keyword Research – Using Google’s Instant Search Results (SERPs), I will be explaining you whole process in the upcoming article, till then let’s have a look.

Whatever may be your key phrases length (Long Tail, Short Tail) – after the complete research the one and only task are to start writing SEO Optimized post with the selected keywords.

Some of the Good & Bad Practice Are:-

  • Keyword stuffing – Too much of anything is worst – so, don’t over stuff keywords.
  • Keyword density is very complicated so don’t exceed keywords more than 1.5%.
  • For best ranking while writing the post, do check with online keyword density tool checker.
  • If you are not sure about SEO and other important aspects then our best recommendation is to join forums, read high authority blogs for sound knowledge.

Is there anything left?

Indeed, now you are fully equipped with some basic keyword research stuff, right? Of not then wait for the upcoming article Google Panda Penalty, Google Keyword Tool Ranking Sites. Now, start writing the article with selected keywords (which you picked while research that too low competition), make your blog – money making machine.

Important Stuff you need to read

We tried a lot to give you information about Why Keyword Research is Important for Blogging –if you still have any more queries on Keyword Research, Link Building or any other then, do let us know through the comment.

Also, if you are looking any Tech Cheat related stuff, feel free to Visit Here….

Final Words:

At last, I just want to tell you that make good keyword research for the better results. Now I completed my article. Now its your turn to show your love by sharing this with your friends.

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