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Arranging a wedding isn’t a child’s play, it takes a lot of your time, money, planning and preparation. Arranging and managing a simple event is so tiresome, imagine the hassle for arranging a wedding! Wedding arrangements include lot of things to be done, from taking care of needs of a bride, guests, invitations, searching different vendors and coordinating with them, it is like biting off more than you can chew!

You know it is not possible to arrange things single-handedly, you need a lot of help and this is one of the reason people prefer hiring professional wedding planners. Wedding planners again can increase your expenses as they charge you for their services. But if you aren’t willing to spend that money then you can opt for a cheaper yet effective option and that is creating a wedding website.

How can wedding websites act as a wedding planner?

Personal wedding websites are websites that are generally created by couples who got engaged and are preparing for their wedding. The website can be of various types, and one can choose the type of website according to their preferences and need. The wedding websites can be created for free or can be created by paying off a fee. After having created a Personal wedding website, like other websites you get a domain name, which would help your invites, family, relatives know about your website preparation updates online. Wedding websites act as you virtual wedding planners; they include various features like, creating a discussion platform to discuss about wedding preparation and updates, space to upload pictures and videos and so on. Design is very important and it is the first priority to be considered. If your website design is not too good, you wont be getting enough conversions. And bounce rate will be high. I always follow few websites and I copy their designs.. I recommend you to do same thing. Few websites have good navigation bar, few have good theme layout and few sites have good CSS.

Examples: Fast loading websites: Social Triggers, HTML goodies, Shout me Loud etc.
Few best conversion sites which have bounce rate lesser than 25% : Coupon Machine India, Kiss metrics, Un Bounce etc.

These are the few most popular websites whom I follow them regularly. Always share your websites with your frinds and relatives. Since you share the website domain with relatives and friends, they can contribute in preparation by suggesting you various vendors and ideas for your wedding, they can also share about certain mistakes to avoid, and other important details which probably you might have missed upon, because of being occupied with the wedding preparation. As wedding planner, wedding websites can help you with preparing a guest list and sending the invitation through the website. You can send an RSVP invitation that is request for response to the invitees, this will keep you updated well in advance about the number of guests coming and accordingly you can make the required arrangements like accommodation, food, etc. Through the website the invitees can have a look at the place, and accordingly can plan things.

With wedding website you can share your stories about your first meeting experience, the journey of your love, and various pictures and videos that would let the guest feel connected and involved emotionally with you. Wedding is not an important day only for the couples but also for their relatives and friends and there can be nothing better than making them a part of this event through your personal wedding website.

Naveen Kumar
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