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Top Instagram Marketing Sins That Can Kill Your Business

Instagram Marketing Sins

There are plenty of very good reasons why marketers love Instagram. Not only is there a huge population of target audiences of every demographic among its one billion-plus monthly users but also its visual orientation permits engaging of customers like no other social media network. Therefore, most marketers aim to amass the largest possible number of followers and keep them engaged and entertained for maximum conversions. This makes it vital for marketers to sidestep mistakes that can turn off followers. A quick look at the top mistakes that can get businesses un-followed:

Not Having Clear Marketing Goals

As with every marketing exercise, having a presence on Instagram will not be productive unless you define your goals. When no goals have been specified, the account quickly loses a sense of direction and purpose due to which, the posts lack the desired consistency. When the content is not consistent, followers can become very easily disoriented and not know what to expect from you and how to react to your posts. When a follower is confused, it is very easy for him to solve the problem by un-following you, ending your chance of making a conversion.

No Website Link in the Bio Section

Until the time, Instagram launched the concept of shoppable posts, the link in the bio section was the only way followers could access the business website. If you miss out on inserting the URL, you will lose out on the opportunity of driving traffic to your website for conversions. The link doesn’t need to be always that of the home page. If you are running a promotion or conducting an event or a product launch, you should ideally create a special landing page and insert its link in the bio section for maximum effect. The promotion of the event or contest can be done with your normal posts that should be as compelling as possible to attract the maximum real Instagram likes.

Posting Poor Quality Content

Instagram users are extremely discerning about photo quality. They react when poor quality or irrelevant photos are posted. If you are not ready to invest in photos and videos of very high quality, maybe Instagram is not the platform for you, as you will only drive your brand value down. Even if you are desperate, you should never use stock photos as they look extremely clich├ęd and reflect your lack of creativity.

Posting Duplicate Content

Posing duplicate content or content plagiarized from other popular accounts reflects very poorly on your professionalism and marketing skills. When followers experience duplicate content repeatedly, they are sure to unfollow you because they are not deriving any value or getting entertained by following your account. Even if you have a paucity of content, you should try to repurpose them or inject quotes, memes, videos, etc. so that they look different. According to, videos generate more engagement than photos.


Achieving marketing success on Instagram is not a difficult proposition if you take care to define your goals so that you can decide on your content strategy. Keep in mind that you need to keep the users entertained and not appear too pushy with your salesmanship. Keeping the engagement levels high with high-quality original content is the best way of growing and locking in your follower base.

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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