Top 7 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Know


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social networking apps and the thing that makes it so good on user satisfaction is its simplicity. It doesn’t have in app purchase except for its subscription which is pretty much cheap and it doesn’t even have advertisements. For most of the users, WhatsApp is only a way to talk but WhatsApp is more than that. Even the craze for “WhatsApp for PC” forces its developers to come up with WhatsApp Web client. Let us see 7 tricks that you can have in your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp lock

There are things or chats on WhatsApp that we don’t want others to see. WhatsApp doesn’t provide any lock for its application but don’t worries you can still protect your chats by setting up app lock via different other applications.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats

This is a very useful feature that WhatsApp is providing as we might have many important details or information on our WhatsApp account but when we change the phone or we temporary switch to different device, all our data is wiped off and we cannot get it back. Well, that was past, as you can now back up your chats as well as you can also restore them in your new Smartphone.

Learn how to restore deleted messages on WhatsApp

Add Chat Shortcut

This is another useful feature as this will give a one touch chat entrance to our desired most used contact. All we have to do is open WhatsApp and then tap and hold on the contact we wish to create a shortcut of. Tap on create contact shortcut and there you go!

WhatsApp notifications on desktop

This is one of the best features that WhatsApp offers. You can go to WhatsApp web and follow the instructions as you can connect your WhatsApp id to the desktop and you can even reply from there.

There is another way of doing this by installing Pushbullet Application which is free in android and iOS. You need Pushbullet extension in your chrome browser and log in both the device with same id and you will be receiving the notifications on your desktop.

Infographic : Successive Journey of WhatsApp

 Hide Last Seen

Most of you might know about this as this feature allows you to hide your last seen from your WhatsApp account. This is very useful when you are trying to ignore the creepy friends or unknown people. Here is a guide to Hide your Last Seen ticks. 

Send file extensions like Pdf, Zip etc.

WhatsApp doesn’t officially allow you to send these files through the application but you can still send these by just downloading one simple app, called Cloud Send. WhatsApp is looking forward to combat with apps like Zapya and SHAREit, WFS: WHATSAPP FILE SENDER on this genre.

Hide your profile picture and status

You can hide your profile picture and status from every contact. All you need to do is go to settings and set your profile picture and status to nobody.

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