Top 10 Useful Firefox Add-ons for Every Blogger


Firefox and Chrome are only really used because they offer so many add-ons (extensions) and if you are a blogger then there are quite a few for you to choose from. Here is Ten Useful Firefox Add-ons for Every Blogger that you may like, as they all play a part in helping you remain an active part of the online community and help you to do your research.


This is an extension that links you into a social community. The members of this social community are supposed to read your blog post and tell you if it is biased by marking it on a “skew” bar. Where exactly the website is finding people who want to read and rate is unknown, but the extension works by having you submit your content to it and a result comes back to tell you if it is biased.

Read It Later

If you are a prolific reader as much as you are a prolific blogger, then you may like this extension because it allows you to save content so that you can read it later. It is also very good for saving research pieces. You can save things and come back to them at a later date when you may wish to refer to them, quote from them, or make comments regarding them.


If you do not have an organization program on your computer then you can use this Firefox extension instead. You can keep track of all the things you need to do for and to your blog, and you can set it to organize events and alerts for other things too that do not involve your blog. You can set reminders for when you are supposed to check your comments or update your RSS feed. It can tell you what you should and should not be doing whilst you are on your browser at certain times.


You can take a screenshot of a page with the extension. This is good if you are a topical blogger and you want to write a post about something you saw or a website that you find interesting. You can also take screenshots of your own blog posts. You can use them and annotate them to make a point in your next blog post. Or, you can just use it as a quick way of saving a page or an image so that you can use it later.


This is an extension that makes reading a little more novel and, therefore, a little more bearable. If you have to do a lot of research for your blog then it is horrible having to look at digital text. It is so much harder to read than the printed word, but this extension helps to make reading a little more bearable by making the pages you look at appear as if they are magazine pages.

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Instablogs Submitter

As the name suggests, it allows you to upload things to your blog very quickly. All you need to do is link your blog to it and you may then add things to your blog from what you read on websites. There is no need to actually highlight the items that you find as all you need to do is right click and you can submit them right to your website or blog. It is actually a great way of building a lot of content onto your blog, but it does have a few copyright concerns that you may like to consider first.

Resizable Textarea

This is a great little tool that allows you to change the text area of a text box when they are typing into a web browser. As a blogger, you are probably part of the online community, which means you contribute to forums, comment sections, social media networks, etc. Sometimes they give you an area to write in that is the size of a postage stamp. With this Firefox Add-on, you are able to change the text area size to suit you.

Brief the RSS Reader

This is an RSS reader, as you will probably need one to check to see if your RSS feed has been updated correctly and you are probably a blog reader yourself so will want an RSS feed reader. It allows you to organize your feeds based upon the names of the pages you have saves and the titles of the websites. You can customize the RSS feed to a high degree, which may save you having to look around for other RSS feed if you do not like the layout.


When you are reading online you may become a little bothered by the fact that you have to keep changing pages. As a blogger, you are probably a prolific reader and want to get your reading done a little quicker online. You can do that with this add-on. It allows you to start loading the next page as you are finishing the last so that you do not have to keep flipping pages you just keep scrolling down or left/right.


This is actually an extension that teaches you how to investigate a cow’s bowels. But, failing that it helps you refine your Google search engine results instead. It gives you a few functions that allow you to add filters to your searches. The functions it gives are nothing special, but it just puts them in a more convenient place. It is good if you have to research every week and you are getting sick of using the advanced options on Google.

Over to You

Blogging is a game that you have to play continuously. You should be regular at it as doing Physics assignments for university lessons. In other case, you can’t hope for success in blogging.


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