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Three Growth Hacks to Gain A Massive Following On Instagram


Are you trying to grow your Instagram account, collect leads and make a profit? This post will introduce you to three growth hacks to build a profit-making Instagram page.

Below are three methods you can apply right away to grow your follower base, boost your engagement and market your business.

Growth Hack #1: Every Third Post Ask them to tag their friends.

The aim of the social media is to reach more audience. One of the easiest ways to reach new people is to ask your followers to tag their friends on relevant posts.

The contest is the most popular way to ask your followers to tag their friends. The catch is to tag someone to enter the contest. Here is an example:

Another easy way is to create some posts on human emotions or relationships and asking your followers to tag the relevant person. For example:

While following this practice be careful to use the technique in moderation. You don’t want to come as pushy.

Growth Hack #2: Get People to Comment On Your Posts (Hint: Ask Questions).

Post engagement plays a huge role in social media platforms. It shows that your followers interact with your content. This is a huge social signal for the audience as well as the instagram algorithm.
An iInstagram account with huge inactive followers is worth nothing compared to a smaller account with super engaged followers. Active followers are the ones who keep you going every day.

In simple words, engagement means post likes, comments, following active users.
One of the simplest trick to engage your followers is to ask questions. Question posts give an opportunity to your viewers to share their thoughts. It makes them feel like a part of your community. Your audience will be glad that you are interested in their opinions and views.

Types of Questions you should ask:

  1. What if: This type of questions are related to if someone had the power to change the reality what would they have chosen. E.g. “What if you were the captain of your favorite team…”
  2. Target the Curiosity and the urge to stay updated: These types of questions stirs the curiosity whether they know about it or not. E.g. “Have you heard about this latest update?”
  3. Questions showing interest in your audience: This helps in building a personal relation with your followers. It will also help you to get insights about them. E.g. “What is your biggest weakness??” or “What motivates you to work harder?” or “How can I help you?” “Do you need help?”
  4. Giving them the opportunity to share their opinions: Everybody likes to share what they think and believe in. You give them space and you will be in their good books. E.g. “What do you think about the recent mars mission?”, “How do you use Instagram stories for your business?”
  5. Yes/No questions: These are the most popular types of question post you will see in social media sphere. They are simple one line questions leading the readers to comment with yes or no. Generally, the questions should be casual in nature with a hint of fun. E.g. “Will you spend a night in the jungle without a torch light? Comment below with Yes or No”

Growth Hack 3: Branding, Testing, and Analysis

Branded Content-

Branding refers to the consistency of your brand in terms of looks in every sphere of life. Branding starts with a logo and includes other features like a tagline and consistent usage of design elements. Branding helps in recognition & recall of your brand.
Having a logo and website URL inside the image post builds your brand and credibility. It exposes your website link to more viewers. Use of the same visual element in all your images creates consistency across all your posts and helps in the recognition & recall of your brand.

What worked for others may not work for you. You have to keep testing different strategies and measure what works for you. Instagram business accounts show a variety of metrics, like reach, followers, and engagement, to help you with that.

If you want to boost your engagement another great strategy is to hire an agency to keep your account active 24/7.

One such growth tool is which engages with your target audience by liking their posts, following their pages, and commenting on their photos. GetRiver helps you in gaining followers that are interested in your business, driving traffic to your website and boosting engagement.
GetRiver is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to engage on Instagram, so they can sit back and relax or focus on other important things for their business.
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This post is submitted by Rohan Chaubey. Rohan is Social Media Geek and a Blogger from Mumbai. You can follow Rohan on Facebook.

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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