Things to Consider before Writing an Eloquent iOS Application

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The tendency while building an iOS application should move gradually from coding towards basic idea of the application. But, that is not the case with many of the developers. The developers tend to shift their attention span from coding to the core logic. Certainly, this makes the process interesting and non-monotonous. Along with this, it is accurately said that any project needs an ample of time initially to make it a success in the future. A right set up saves time and takes you on the right direction. While, below steps may not seem very attractive to the single-handed developers, but, they can be a great help to a flock of developers, who are working on an app project. Following a single minded approach can provide quality goals to your team:

Coding Style Guides for the Project

Coding Style Guides act as a helping hand in following a certain type of convention in that language. A coding style is summed up various types of factors including language specifications, variables and, conventions. Certainly, there is no right or wrong way to carve the perfect codes. It’s all about finding your own style and moving in that direction. After choosing your own style, you just need to make others follow your directions. Certainly, this will bring the desired uniformity in the app building process. Many of the companies manifest their coding guidelines to chase the right amount of perfection.

Adopt a Specific App Architecture

ios app development structure

Coding is showcasing the right idea of your application. Thus, you will only code as per the outlines of app architecture. A deep rooted and smartly made architecture make the application convenient to understand and lower the cost. There are plenty of options available, from the conventional MVC architecture to MVVM or VIPER.

App Folder Structure

Building an app is like choosing from the quagmire of source files. To manage the things more acutely, you can build a folder structure. Of course, this will be suggestive of your decided architecture. For example, you can accommodate the below things:

Creating some sub groups within the groups and giving them the project’s name. After creating the sub groups, you can choose to link them to the main directory. This simpler and smaller exercise will make your project more sorted and structured. Also, it will be much convenient to understand the changes.

Dependency Management

Using third party libraries in your application will be quite an obvious thing. You can sort the dependency factors in the project with below steps:


CocoaPods is a reliable option for dependency management. While accommodating ten thousand libraries, you will be able to scale up your project with elegant moves. Just like Ruby Gems works, CocoaPods bring in the similar amount of effectiveness in the process.


Carthage is something which runs the value addition task to the Cocoa application. Carthage simply builds the framework with the help of Xcode build but puts the responsibility on to the user. Carthage brings in the required flexibility. On the other hand, CocoaPods has an easier approach to follow. Although Carthage puts the support on iOS 8 or the later versions, we can’t deny its dexterity in the process.

Git hub Sub modules

ios app development modules

Git sub modules can be used to manage the dependencies I the project. The submodules are sub repos, which fosters the easy support. Also, git sub modules do not provide the source for dependency code.

Out of all three, Cocoapods is the most convenient and offers a reach to hundreds of other libraries.

  • Managed Scheme Setup

Generally, schemes manifest the after results of testing, hitting, running and analyzing. Every action is targeted to build the better configuration. Also, the language of the application can also be pre-set.

  • Maintained Certification and Provisioning Profiles

This is quite crucial while setting up an iOS application. The sheer importance of this step makes it quite interesting yet peculiar. Certificates are an important factor while signing the code. Without this, it is not possible to run the application on real devices.

Certificates can be divided into two types

Distribution certificates

Distribution channels can be more than one. The practice is to link it with some incognito channel and distribute further. This suggests that there should be only one channel per organization. The certificate is the most required to transfer the application to the app store.

Development certificates

Development certificate is generated as per the request. Xcode can be quite helpful in this. The certificate is quite helpful in deploying the iOS application development procedure.

Structuring an Integration and Delivery Process

test build and deploy

A continuous set and delivery process takes out the disorders and assists you in building an integrated delivery process. Also, this way, you can bring out the irregularities in a very early phase of development. This is a great tool to save up on time of the developers.

Continuous Integration

This development process gathers the code into an apportioned repository. Also, every check-in allows a self-run build. This serves as a great tool to figure out the problems.

Continuous Delivery

This is a software engineering look up which is adapted to form the software in various small cycles. Also, this gives an assurance that the software can be launched anytime. Also, it releases, tests and builds the software as per the right timing.

How is Continuous Delivery Helpful?

  • A time-saving tool as it helps in preparing the app submissions and screenshots.
  • Distributes the dependencies. Thus, there is not just one person responsible for bug fixing and problem-solving.
  • Enhance the software quality while making the smaller releases.

Using some handful tools can augment some really considerable and emboldened features in your iOS application. Fastlane is one of the usable tools which can provide some consolidated features which can bring your build up process on autopilot.

Mridul Kabra
Mridul Kabra is a TEDx speaker on the topic of Digital Marketing. He is the Digital Marketing Head at Nine Hertz and Quadrigo. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, he has trained at prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs in India.

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