The Path to Becoming An “SEO EXPERT”

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So, you want to be an SEO Expert? Or you want to promote your website on your own? Or maybe you want to sell your product to a wider audience? Or maybe even curious to know what SEO really is. Well, if you are any of these, I am here to help you on your way to cracking the code to becoming a professional SEO Expert and growing your business at an ever increasing rate.seo expert

The common misconception is that SEO is all about learning things that are too tough to understand. That SEO requires using tools that are complicated to implement. With that said, the myth is going to be busted as you read along this guide. Be sure to thoroughly understand and practice the tips and techniques and see live results in front of you. So, look no further, just sit back, relax and enjoy your journey from “Just another businessman” to “World Class SEO and businessman”!!!
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How to be an SEO Expert?

It might take you a while to understand in-depth what SEO really is. It is not a matter of reading through things and becoming a millionaire professional SEO Expert overnight. You cannot just put a seed into the ground and expect it to reap a tree the next day you wake up. You will have to water the seed, take care of it and other things. Similarly, reading the things mentioned below and applying them over the course of time helps you reach your goal on becoming an SEO Expert. This is just a guideline on the steps that you need to follow and practice rigorously. Let’s, begin, shall we?

#Step 1 – Understand the working of a search engine

If you REALLY WANT to understand how digital marketing works and how you can get more people to visit your website, you need to understand the nuts and bolts of the SEO world. Knowing what a search engine looks for in your website is definitely the most important thing that you need to understand if you want to promote your site. Understand what a search engine looks for in a site. Understand how the search engine crawls into your pages and indexes them. Understand how a search query by the user is processed and keywords are used to match relevancy to your site.

#Step 2 – Understand the search engine algorithms

SEO is all about attracting more users to your website and increase the likelihood of making them enjoy the experience. A bonus would be if they return to your website, or refer your site to a friend and most importantly, making profit from their visit $$$. Hence, making your site rank higher on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) will increase the chances of converting a lead. There are a few algorithms that are used by different search engines that rank pages crawled by spiders. Powerful algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird and Pigeon are deployed by big companies like Google and updated on a regularly basis.

A Thorough knowledge of the algorithm is worth more than a college education – Teddy Roosevelt

#Step 3 – Remain Updated with latest techniques

As I mentioned earlier, many algorithms are constantly developed and implemented by search engines to avoid not so good websites to rank well. The not so good sites contain sites which do not provide good content, or the sites which provide irrelevant content, sites which have a bad user experience, sites which focus on ads more than the users. Such sites are always on the crosshairs of search engine algorithms to provide good quality results to the query of the user.

For example, Google recently updated its search algorithm which is termed by some as “MobileGeddon”. This was released to help promote sites which are user-friendly on a mobile device as well as a desktop device. Because more than 60% of search queries in Google come from mobile devices, it made sense for Google to take this action on 21th April, 2015. Therefore, it is really important to keep note of latest software changes and new techniques that are available.

#Step 4 – Have Technical skills

While learning how a search engine works and how are algorithms progressing over the period of time, one should have the mindset of a technical person. Having technical skills means knowing something about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript etc. Understand the pros and cons of using such technologies on your site. How using certain elements can lower or improve the ranking of your site. Understand the directory structure of your web address, or things like knowing the difference between having a good UI vs. a bad UI.

Developing a way of thinking in which you know all the small details of things that are good and bad for your website is a very important skill to have.

#Step 5 – Get Professional SEO Training

After you understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization, it is important to implement it. Just knowing what SEO is and how it helps to boom your business is pretty useless, until and unless, you implement this knowledge. There are many great companies and many SEO professionals, who have years upon years of experience with SEO. You might learn techniques which will give you results that you need in a month or so. But there are experienced professionals, who can do the same job for within a week. Learning tips and techniques from those experts and getting profession SEO training gives you an edge over the competition.

#Step 6 – Research and Development

You arrive at this point after getting training from professional SEOs. They teach you tips and tricks to overcome the powerful search engines and help to expand your website publicity. After having these powerful methods and techniques in your arsenal, it is time to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Now, you need to create your own tools and ideas which you can implement to stay ahead of the competition. By analyzing what factors affect what type of sites and creating your own database for the same will help you know when there is an update on the Search Engine Algorithms. This places you in a competitive edge over your competitors. Knowledge is Power. And the knowledge you have before everyone is the best weapon you have to your ULTIMATE MASTERY OF SEO.

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#Final Words

Congratulations on becoming an SEO expert. You have traveled through the jungle of the SEO world and proved yourself that YOU CAN BE AN EXPERT SEO too. No one can stop you from becoming the king of SEO. All the best for your journey, and yes, don’t forget to tell me if this article was helpful to you or not. Have a good day.

This post has been submitted by Vivek. He is pursuing SEO Training In Delhi from JoomDev Software Solutions. He is also an Android App Developer. Download his Card Magic App from Playstore.
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