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The First Savings Bank has a glorious history in the US that goes back more than a century. Ever since the beginning of its operations in 1913, in Beresford, South Dakota, the bank has offered versatile loans, savings and checking services to its patrons. After expanding to six states including Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Arizona, the bank began offering credit card services to the dedicated patrons in need.

When we say “in need,” we refer to those with poor credit scores. Every credit card holder and applicant knows how difficult it is to qualify for a standard credit card with low-interest rates and APRs with less than perfect credit scores. The first savings credit card has been around for some time without creating much of an uproar. The reason might be their exclusivity. The only ones who can apply for this card are those who receive the invitation by mail. If you have a bad credit score, you might receive yours soon enough. Since the person gets an exclusive invitation, he or she does not have to worry about the qualification process much.

What should every applicant find out about the First Savings credit card?

Here’s what you need to know about qualifying for the first savings credit card –

  1. Fill out the application online using the access code you have received by mail. Or, you can send the application form back to the address the mail contains.
  1. Be sure to attach the photocopies of your current driver’s license or utility bill. First Savings Credit Card services usually consider both as valid ID proof.
  1. You don’t have to mention your FICO score. First Savings usually only provides its credit card services to those with poor credit records.

If you have any queries about the application or qualification, you can check out the First Savings Credit Card website. Or, you can check out the First Savings Credit Card customer service phone number. They have IVR options, but you will also find human operators at the end of the line. Finding the customer card number for the First Savings Bank credit card is tricky. According to reviews, you can try 1-888-469-0291 or 1-888-437-0109. The first number will take you to an automated service with two options that is usually enough to guide account holders or potential cardholders with the access code. If you have already received your invitation via mail, the first number will prove to be useful. The second number can connect you to a staff of the credit card services, who can explain the procedure in no-time. 

Why do people with bad credit get the First Savings Bank Credit Card?

Upon first glance, the First Savings credit card service might seem secretive and even dubious to many. However, you have to remember that the institution targets those with poor credit scores only. Unless it was an exclusive service, the deserving users would not get the chance to redeem their credit scores. With easy access, people with fair to excellent FICO scores would readily apply and qualify for this credit card service. The customer service will explain the reason for the secrecy or exclusivity quite accurately to all applicants.

Repairing bad credit takes time and effort. Increasing the FICO score by at least 20 points can take more than half a year for the average spender with no credit cards and a significant number of dues. Unless you manage to pay off your loans via consolidation or loan management, it is impossible to improve credit records without the intervention of credit services. In the absence of a credit record, you can begin building one with the help of this primary credit card. The only requirement is that you have to pay the card fee on time and clear your dues within the repayment period.

Why does the First Savings credit card bear a low credit limit?

The credit card bears a maximum credit limit of $99 that seems incredulously low in comparison to other cards in the market. Again, you have to remember that it is for those with a poor credit record. The card should help you keep track of your online expenses and in-store payments. You can charge the cost of gas, food, and groceries to this card, and then pay it off at the end of the month. The digital account that gives you access to your expenses can help you keep track of your weekly or monthly expenditure. Not putting a cap on the credit would encourage those with already bad credit scores to spend more than their financial capacity. It would do more harm than good. The low expense limit is a desirable feature on the First Savings credit card, and it is more or less inflexible for most First Savings Bank Credit Card holders. 

The First Savings card charges upwards of $200 in fees. However, the lion’s share of the fee comes from the activation charge, which is a one-time deal for all cardholders. You must remember that spending above the $300 limit can result in an overspend fee of $29. The $300 limit includes the processing fee, annual fee, monthly participation fee, and activation fee. After spending the lot, you will have nearly $99 to spend in the first month. If you genuinely want to limit your monthly expenses, then the First Savings card is the one for you.

Why should you get the First Savings Bank Credit Card?

Once you receive the First Savings credit card invitation by mail, you can give the customer care numbers a call. You will receive all the details necessary to understand the workings of the credit card and the steps you need to take to qualify for the services. However, you can be sure that this card provides the users with no additional benefits like reward points and cash backs. It only gives the cardholders the one-time opportunity to boost their credit scores within the next few months. If you have a big loan application coming up, you can think about improving your chances by using the First Savings Bank Credit Card.

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