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The financial expenses required to bring an accused person out of jail

financial expenses

The crime that is committed by a person is not proved until court proceedings are held. However, if there is a complaint against a particular individual that he/she has committed a crime then depending on the FIR or First Information Report the person can be arrested. After the person gets arrested, then a first hearing is held. In this arraignment, the judge stipulates a bail amount for the accused. If the person can pay the bail in full, then the accused is allowed to leave jail and fight his/her case by staying outside of prison until the court passes a judgment. It should be understood that a person who is arrested can be granted bail but not a convicted criminal. This implies that the bail is allowed only for those individuals whose crimes are yet to be proved legally.

The method in which bail can help an accused person

The bail is an amount of money which has to be paid by the accused or by a family member or relative of the accused. For minor cases, the bail can be paid in the police station, and the person can go home, but in case of some major legal issue the accused only gets bail after arraignment. When the bail is paid then the first important thing that happens is that the supposedly accused person can go home. It is understandable that an accused cannot be attested as guilty until a judgment is passed. If an innocent person gets tangled in a legal mess then getting the opportunity to leave jail by getting bail is undoubtedly helpful because in that way, he/she can effectively manage the case that he/she has to fight in Court. It is also known that living in prison during the entire duration of court proceedings can be frustrating. The case can get dragged for a long time in court, and for any person, it can become very difficult to continue staying in prison even before the accusation is proved. In this case, the bail will help in giving e person the much-needed freedom so that until and unless he/she isproven guilty he/she can stay at home.

Method of getting bail by paying a fraction of the bail amount

The bail amount can be quite high according to the severity of the alleged crime. In such instances, the aid of Columbus castle bonds  can be taken for getting bail. The bond works by helping the accused to come out of jail by paying only a small premium to the bail bondsman. The client/accused to pay the remaining amount in regularinstallments within a certain duration. This is particularly helpful in cases when a huge sum is not present in the personal funds of the accused.The bail bondsman will provide the assurance that the full bail amount will be paid to the Court by the company.

Hence, by hiring a bail bondsman, the process of paying a huge amount of bail can be simplified.

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