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Suggest Friends To Themselves Using Facebook Social ToolKit


Hi guys, as you all know that Facebook play a vital role in our day to day life. We start using Facebook even when we open our eyes on bed and even check the last notification before we sleep. So have you ever got any notification that you are suggested to add yourself by your friend. But what will happen in your mind when you receive a notification to add yourself from from your own account. It will really scary for a little bit. So don’t be scare because someone make you fool by using Facebook Social Toolkit which is developed by Dinesh.

So do you also want to make your friends fool by suggesting them to their self. So to do this you have to download Facebook Social Toolkit Extension for Google Chrome.

Point To Be Noted :

  • This is only a prank so it does not harm you or your friends.
  • This won’t end up getting you a ban from Facebook.
  • You can suggest your friends to themselves for unlimited number of times without getting blocked.
  • It is totally free and spam free tool.

So just download this extension and enjoy by making your friend fool. But how you can use it.
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How to Suggest Your Friends to Themselves

It is quit easy to use this extension. To use this extension follow these steps:

  • Install Facebook social toolkit chrome extension from chrome web store.
  • Start Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension.
  • Click on suggest friends to themselves button (Check out the screen shot)

Additional Features of Facebook Social Toolkit

  • You can invite all your friends to like your Facebook Page on one click.
  • You can invite all your friends to join a group on one click.
  • You can accept all friend requests at once.
  • You can send invitations for an event to all your friends.
  • You can send multiple friend request at once.

Hope you will enjoy this post and surely you decide to make your friends fool. So don’t forget to share this post with your friends and comment below about your experience with Facebook Social Toolkit.

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