SQLBAK – Hassle Free Automated SQL Backups

Automated SQL Backups

I won’t lie about this, yes this is a product review, but wait till you read the rest of the section out. A product that’s extremely lightweight, simple to use, and can function as your virtual server A.I.

Well in plain English, I’m talking about SQLBAK, a new method of backing up your SQL servers, automatically, on scheduled time, without the need for you to do anything!

Now you might be wondering, why do you need to bother yourselves with SQL backups, let me tell you SQL is the query language that stores all the connecting links between your website and the server. Your SQL fails means your website is doomed.

Another reason when you might want to have a ready SQL backup is when you’re making changes to your site’s SQL. Anything can go wrong at any point, can’t it? And then you might need to restore the previous backup.

Well, the only twist is SQL isn’t exactly user-friendly. Meaning there aren’t a lot of “click and point” kind of options. Instead, you might have to get into lines of codes and commands to make the backups happens! Don’t be gloomy yet, and that’s where this tiny product, SQL BAK comes into action.

SQLBak for SQL Backup- An Introduction:-

As I already said, there’s no rocket science to it, and it’s a simple program that would backup your SQL files for you, simple as that. Now there are thousands of programs out there who would do this for you, so what makes SQLBak unique? Let me answer that.

What makes SQLBak Unique:-

Apart from the normal magical charms which other SQL backup programs offer, here’s something which they can’t offer, but SQlBak does:-

  • FireWall free installation: – Well you don’t need any Firewall to run SQLBak on your servers, you can just install it directly.
  • Secure HTTPS connection: – Whenever SQLBak connects to your servers, it does so through a secure HTTPS connection. Thus no risk of a third party gaining access or something like that.
  • Automatic Backup uploads: – Well what this means is you don’t have to manually download the backups! They just get uploaded automatically either to Google Drive, Network Folder, Amazon S3) or any other place you prefer.
  • Free Setup: – Most other SQL backup programs out there charge couple bucks for the setup, just because it’s complicated. Well SQLBAK is neither complicated nor do they charge anything! So well yeah you get free setup!
  • Easy Installation: – You don’t have to go through any complicated codings! All you need to do is install one small program on your SQL Server, and it’ll be up and running.
  • Schedule Backups: – This is just awesome. This makes almost everything automated! You don’t have to login to your server and initiate the backup yourselves everytime. Instead, what you can do is you can just schedule the backups, and it’ll keep happening automatically on the scheduled time.
Automated SQL Backups

So yeah those are the features which make SqlBak “unique”. Doesn’t mean those are the “only” features it offers. It offers a wide-range of extra features, almost all the features you will be getting with any other SQL Backup program. As I already said, those above features were the “unique” ones, something what the other SQL backup programs out there can’t offer you!

Do You Need SQlBak for your SQL Backup?

A legit question, well let me tell you, you for sure need SQLBak if:-

  • You’re a website owner. Doesn’t matter what kind of website you own, chances are it can’t exist without SQL! So well yeah if SQL exists on your server, then having it’s backup is a must!
  • You’re a company that makes use of SQL on the websites and products. Do you need to make sure you always have the upper hand, right?
  • You’re a Database Administrator! Well yeah, I’d understand if you’ve 50-60 or even hundreds of Databases to manage for your company. It’s hard managing them manually, right? I mean having SQLBak will solve at least one problem for you, Database Backups!

Over to You:-

So hey yeah if you need an “automated SQL backup system” on your servers, this is it! It’s worth a try, trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

The program takes care of everything, from initiating the backups to uploading them on your preferred location! So it eliminates your backup stress to the “zero” level!

If you’re still “considering” the option, let me tell you over 1500+ Brands are already happily satisfied with SqlBak!

I’d love if you leave your feedback down there in the comments.

Naveen Kumar
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