SQLBak: The cure for all the Data Backup related problems!


If you run a firm and are concerned about your data being leaked or are looking for ways to prevent that, well, this article can save your business if ever that situation comes.This is not the only problem that is being faced by the business owners as technological failures that cause data loss is quite common nowadays. So, what to do if you don’t want to lose your data? Well, you have got SQL Backup tool for your help.

What is SQL Backup?

SQLBak is a service which allows users to automate their backup taking capability in a very efficient way. Yes, you can back up your own data on your wish manually but let’s be honest, we lose our important data because we did not upload that particular file to the database. Well, SQLBak take cares of all these things as you do not have to worry about losing data anymore.

Features of SQLBak

Automate your Back up process

One of the best things about SQL Server Backup is that you don’t have to worry about uploading your data to your database. SQLBak lets you do so without any hiccup as you can schedule your backups according to your convenience. This is an excellent feature as you can take advantage of the time when your systems are not busy and use that time t schedule the backups. This way, neither your operations will be delayed for the backups.

Backup your files to any destination

SQLBak allows you to upload your secure files to any folder you want. Not only this, it even lets you calibrate your cloud drives so that you can also set them as your upload destination as well. Luckily, SQLBak supports most of the major cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3 and OneDrive. That this implies is that you can upload to any drive you want be it physical or cloud-based and access it from anywhere, the next feature that we are going to talk about!

Access critical information from anywhere

SQLBak is a highly versatile form of SQL Server Backup service which not only allows you to schedule backups but also lets you access them from any place you want. You don’t have to open your laptop or computer every time in order to check your data. You can even do it using your tablet or smartphone by logging in to SQLBak servers.

Observe performance and health of your SQL server

Unlike others, SQLBak does something more than just uploading and restoring your data. They allow us to monitor the performance and health of our SQL server. You might be wondering what is the need to do so. Well, one of the reasons why data is lost is that most people don’t know that the performance of the SQL server can get a little degraded by time. This must be optimised to take full advantage of your SQL server. Similarly, the health of the server can also get affected by the mediocre performance, SQLBak lets you monitor both in order to save a lot of money that you would eventually spend in upgrading the server after it becomes completely bricked.

If your SQL server is not running to its full potential or there are other problems to it, SQLBak notifies you on the registered Email which is a pretty cool feature.


SQLBak offers 3 plans, one of them is free to use, and others are Standard and Professional.

Free Version ($0)

The free version allows you to take backups to your local Hard drives, network folders, FTP’s, etc. this doesn’t include any encryption Health and performance checks or support.

Standard Version ($6)

The difference between the Free and the Standard version is that it allows users to upload and restore data to cloud drives like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive along with SFTP protocols. If you are not so sure about the Standard Version, then you can try their free trial. This will give you a pretty good idea about SQLBak’s performance and productivity.

Professional Version ($9)

The Professional version adds the Amazon S3 drive support on top of the Standard Version. Other additions include AES Encryption, Performance and Health checks as well as support from their representatives.

NOTE: SQLBak has slashed their prices for the Standard Version from $12 to $6 and for the Professional version from $16 to $9


Since the database is the most important thing of an online business, keep backing it up is very important. Sqlbak takes out the burden from your head at very low-cost.

You can go ahead and subscribe its services and enjoy J

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