How To Build A Silo Structure in WordPress


There is a big difference made by the website set up in the search engine rankings. Generally, the search engines like those websites that facilitate them identify the content without much effort. For instance, it becomes tough to know what the website is about if it has unorganized content.

So, it’s necessary to structure your website using the siloing on the WordPress if you want its ranking up in the Google search. In this article, we will tell you about how to build a silo structure through the step-by-step guide. Having this structure on your WordPress website will improve your rankings for sure. Check out the guide below for building a silo structure.

Step 1- Step up your WordPress website

First of all, you have to create a website or blog by using WordPress and then go to the setting section in the dashboard. Always make sure that the permalink structure is correct for enabling the silo of your blog.

Move the default setting to the custom structure. You have to use the following tags:

/%category%/%name of the post%/

Don’t forget to click the save button after changing the permalink.

Step 2- Category Selection

After that, you have to make some categories that should be the keywords you are looking to rank in the SEO. For instance, if your keyword is fitness & health, then you should make a category with this name.

If you are new to blogging and feel some issues in finding the correct keyword, then sign up with where you can hire thousands of professional writers who know everything about SEO. They will make the entire work easy for you at an affordable price.

You can also find hundreds of clients there who has improved traffic to their website with the help of these professional writers.

Generally, you should use five related keywords for the semantic cluster. For example:

  • Best fitness exercises
  • Top fitness tips
  • Best health products
  • Review health products
  • Best fitness gears

Step 3- Create landing pages

As we all know, the WordPress has programmed automatically for taking precedence over the posts, you have to create a page named same as your category, i.e. fitness & health. The category will be overwritten by this page that will have nested posts.

Due to the supporting content in the silo, you will have a new powerful landing page featuring your primary keyword, sales copy, conversion objective or value proposition for boosting the sales and rankings. Don’t forget to write a silo content that should make your website superior from your competitors.

If you aren’t so good in writing, then hiring a writer from Contentmart is the best idea. When it comes to quality silo content, nothing can match the expertise and quality of the writers available on this platform. You will get a choice to select the writer according to your preference. Additionally, the platform is very easy to use and you can easily place orders without any problem.

Step 4- Make internal links

If you make internal links from the silo pages, then your category will start to rank higher in the search engine rankings as the system will start to find its structure easily. In order to continue boosting your silo pages, you should build links to the internal siloed pages as well as the preferred landing pages.

The landing page will start to rank for its primary keyword phrase after some period of time, resulting in increasing the present traffic on your blog or website. The content is the greatest key to making internal links as you have to write relevant content to the main keyword so that they can boost each other’s ranking. Always try to add content that can increase the interest of the readers to read the relevant posts that will be a very good sign for your site.

Improve your Site Continuously

You should continuously improve the rankings of your website by adding more and more content to the website. Nowadays, the majority of bloggers are hiring seo copywriters from Contentmart for quality and epic content so that they can create internal links between the posts.

It is very important to post only genuine and useful content so that the readers can spend a good amount of time on the post.  It will result in increasing the bounce rate of your website if you add poor content. That’s why we recommend all our readers should get their content written by the professional writers available on platforms like Contentmart.

Hopefully, whenever you find something new that you think should be added to your blog, it will fit into the present silos. However, there can be chances where it will not and then you have to create a new silo for the new topics. You have to follow this process for expanding your website continuously.

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