5 Trends in SEO Marketing In 2018

2018 seo trends

A lot of people don’t bother to click on page two if they don’t find what they are looking for on the first page. SEO marketing has been constantly evolving over the past years and has seen some competition from other forms of digital marketing. Good SEO marketing rises your site’s rankings on the SERPs. That is why more trends have been developing to make SEO marketing more effective.

Here is a list of top five SEO marketing trends in 2018 which you should follow. You can also use the analytics tools to get the more about the voice search and to predict the user experience. In this journey, the data analytics books will help you a lot to measure these features and parameters.

5 Best Trends in SEO for 2018

Let’s start and see the top trends in 2018 we have for SEO-

The rise of voice search

Reports from Google have shown that 55% and 40% of teens and adults use voice search every day and this poses a good opportunity for SEO. The use of voice in search engines enhances the effectiveness of long-tail keywords because chances are that longer phrases will be used. This prompts the need for a conversational tone for the content. Content must also give an answer to certain questions so, if your content is aimed at answering a certain question then the more you get traffic on your site.

Enhanced user experience

If a user encounters a bad experience, chances are that they will not come back and according to research, 88 percent of them don’t. Search engines highly consider user experience and hence, your site will rank higher if users share its content and use it longer. In addition to developing a user-friendly system, content should be readable with minimal navigation. Great user experience translates to more conversions and increased traffic.

Video search

Online interactions are advancing to being more visual than ever. Cisco’s research has shown that 80% of internet traffic in 2021 will be video traffic. The internet has seen an increase in visual-friendly platforms while more users engage more in videos and images as well. To effectively use SEO for your visual content, ensure image meta tags contain keywords. Also, having specific keywords for transcriptions will boost your rank.

Mobile-first index

Most people, especially millennials, spend at least three hours a day on their mobile phones and research has shown that 50% of searches are done on the mobile phone. People prefer getting information easily on the go, and mobile phones have made it possible. According to Google, the primary version of your site should be the mobile version. Chances are that your site will rank lower on both desktop and mobile versions if it is not mobile-friendly.

Content must be great

You might market your content well and draw a lot of users your way, but if your content is not great, they will not stick around for long. Users will frequently visit your site if your content is interesting and consistent. By understanding the challenges and key areas of your targeted markets, you will be able to create a solution. Enhance your content marketing by using important long-tail keywords and ensuring that you use them consistently. Get help from services like HQ SEO to help your business grow. If your content is of high quality, then visitors will stay longer on your site.

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Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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