Samsung 360 Cassette Air Conditioner Changes the Traditional Design of Indoor AC UNITS

Samsung 360 Cassette Air Conditioner

In the 21st Century, people with reasonable earnings start thinking about buying an Air Conditioner of some brand. The increase in temperatures across the globe forces people to go for extra comforts at home or office. AC bills account for most of the expenses of any office or commercial space. The traditional box like AC indoor units under performed in this scenario. To cover a big hall, the customer needed to buy an AC of more capacity simply wasting his money and end up paying huge electricity bills. Samsung shines in changing the traditional design of indoor AC Units. Its Circular Cassette type Indoor Unit looks great in design, functionality, and efficiency.

Samsung 360 Cassette Air Conditioner

360 degree directional wind coming out from circular heat exchanger can deliver air evenly throughout every corner in any space. Supplying 360 degrees, even airflow reduces hot and cold spots in the space providing ultimate comfort.

Air volume interference is decreased from 25% to zero by removing air blades or louvers. Air direction and even flow are accomplished with small internal booster fans. Air direction is controlled by creating an area of low pressure with the booster fans near the air outlet causing the supply air to change the angle. This is the first indoor unit that uses the Coanda effect to control discharge air without the use of blades or louvers.

Optimizing the efficiency of heat exchange through its turbo fan and high-efficiency compressor, the 360 Cassette boasts the highest level of energy efficiency among system air conditioners which is essential to enhancing energy efficiency in shopping malls, buildings, and shops where air conditioners are installed and used all day long.

Unlike conventional Air conditioners with square designs which control wind direction with the blade attached to the ventilation section, the 360 Cassette adopts a booster fan that embodies horizontal airflow without blades so that users enjoy the wind all around them rather than in direct streams, thereby making their overall environments more pleasant.

Samsung 360 Cassette AC

The circular design, which is inspired by natural curves, allows the 360 Cassette to harmonize with any space. Also, it enables the users to customize designs on the circular front panel to create their desired ambiance, with options such as a national flag, brand logo, and various colored lightings.

Samsung Cassette Air conditioner bagged International Forum Design Award for the year 2016 for its innovation.

“Samsung is pleased to supply the 360 Cassette to the Singapore Zoo, a landmark of Singapore, and to Coffee Bean, a globally well-known franchise coffee brand,”

said Steve Lee, President, and CEO of Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania.

Going forward, we will continue to introduce and showcase a variety of innovative products and best services to the premium B2B market and consumers in Southeast Asia.

Samsung is happy with the response from its customers of Cassette AC. Conventional ACs blow cold air directly on to persons sitting in a room with vertical air flow technology. This Cassette Air Conditioner blows air horizontally. Its circular design enables it to control air flow and spread cooling across the room evenly and efficiently. Even less capacity Cassette AC compared to the traditional AC can cool the room better. Samsung 360 Cassette AC looks more or like a decorating item which can be combined with other lighting arrangements to bring a new gorgeous look to the commercial spaces.

Samsung Cassette AC

Samsung eyes South East Asia region due to its hot humid weather conditions. Samsung is posting revenues at the rate of 35% year over year in air condition market. With this new design, it expects, even more, growth in coming years. Samsung boasts this AC can reach all over the room evenly and outperform any traditional AC. It is available in various capacities 2 TR, 3R and 4TR as of now. When Samsung supplied its 360 Cassette AC to a Coffee Shop in Manila, they praised left and right for its efficiency in large spaces. We also feel it is definitely a good invention.

Availability in various countries and Pricing details are still not known. It may be priced high initially. Also, Samsung is making waves with it new innovations related IOT (Internet of Things) devices. Samsung designed a monetization model ‘Samsung ARTIK Cloud‘ for IOT device manufacturers to get revenue even after the sale from customers. This may change the way IOT devices engineered for before and after the sale. IOT is the future of mankind. So is Samsung already into this innovative space. This model can be compared to the traditional selling of Set-Top-Box for 100$ and charge subscription fee of 20$ monthly. Samsung has the strength as a producer of chips when compared to its competitors. In future, your AC may talk to IOT devices like Thermostat, close windows automatically and switch ON AC.

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