4 Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel

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Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown to become the largest video sharing platform in history. Millions of content creators have seized the opportunity to showcase their work through this platform. YouTube vloggers have also seen a dramatic increase in the last decade, and it isn’t hard to see why. Every month, about eight out of ten people aged between 18 and 49 view YouTube videos. There are numerous individuals who earn a living through YouTube. Their work basically involves creating content that’s appealing to specific audiences. Some like showcasing their day-to-day lives while others customize their videos for children. If you desire to start a YouTube channel, there’s all the reason to set the ball rolling.

Here are four reasons why you should start a YouTube channel:

1. Helps channel your creativity

If you’re really good at doing something, it’s possible to showcase your unique skills on YouTube. Creating a channel on this platform isn’t as complicated as you might think – simply sign into YouTube and look for a gear icon appearing on the top right side. Once you click on it, you’ll notice an icon prompting you to create a new channel. Once you’ve set it up, the hard part begins: creating remarkable content and earning views. If you’re finding a hard time getting your work noticed, you can always buy youtube views to get more recognition.

2. Earn some online revenue

You can easily monetize your YouTube channel and start enjoying handsome profits. By using AdSense, you can allow different companies to place ads on your videos. You then earn a certain portion of the ad revenue collected by YouTube. However, this is the most basic method of earning through YouTube. Once you achieve a massive following, you gain a certain social leverage that you can utilize to promote company products or services. When large organizations spot your enviable online influence, they can strike a lucrative deal for you to become their brand marketer.

3. Video production is fun

Creating videos for your YouTube channel is immensely exhilarating, especially if it’s an activity you enjoy doing. However, you’ll certainly require a few basic items before you start. These include a video camera (or a high-resolution smartphone), a tripod and a good editing software installed in your PC. When shooting videos, it’s important to focus your camera and ensure that lighting is spot-on. Having an experienced cameraman will make the entire process less painstaking. Editing your videos might be a tad time-consuming, but your efforts will eventually be rewarded.

4. You’re guaranteed to have an audience

Currently, there are over 1.6 billion people who actively use YouTube on a monthly basis. Creating relevant content will certainly attract a significant number of YouTube users. It’s important to think about the nature of your content before venturing into YouTube. Ask yourself: who would I like to watch my videos? The answer lies in doing what you’re passionate about. YouTube offers the visibility you require to reach out to a wide audience and share helpful content. The exposure you get here is unparalleled. You can make money as YouTube affiliate too.

These were some of the reasons why one should start youtube channel. Although there are many YouTube myths hanging around but you should get rid of those. There’s no better time to start a YouTube channel than now, so go ahead!

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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