MilesWeb VPS Review: Why it’s India’s Best VPS

MilesWeb VPS

As the technological world is growing around, web hosting has been acquiring immense significance. To cash in, to bring user-friendly relationships with end users or to promote your business, a site has become mandatory. And when you have a site, you definitely need a web hosting service.

While there are tons of Indian web hosting companies confronting you with explicit offers indulged with economical rates; while listing them down, we came across MilesWeb, one of the few best companies that offers customer support throughout the day via Livechat, E-mail or Phone with a toll-free number.

What exactly does MilesWeb do?

MilesWeb is basically a managed web hosting service provider that offers you official email, domain and hosting along with it. It has a 99.95% accurate uptime. As the site is mainly based on hosting, the services include types like Shared hosting, Dedicated servers, VPS Hosting, Cloud hosting and Reseller Hosting. The packages offered by the company are categorized into three types with the tags, Economy, Value and Unlimited. These tags indicate the usage of the site and thus, the hosting size is recommended accordingly.

What does MilesWeb offer?

  • Web Space: MilesWeb offers modest space and web hosting services with top class features.
  • Connectivity to WordPress: MilesWeb gives a 1-click link to WordPress, Joomla, and Magento through Softaculous inside cPanel.
  • Access to cPanel: With the accessibility of cPanel, anyone can deal with their site including area, databases, billing quantities, file management etc.
  • Regal Packages: MilesWeb has a portfolio containing Economy, Value and Unlimited packages at less expensive rates beginning from Rs 109 a month onwards. The aforementioned packages are appropriate for different sorts of clients who have distinctive necessities.
  • Free site developer: Free site developer is accessible to clients by which they can plan their sites with no planning or programming learning and into time.
  • Cash back: A 30-day cash back insurance is accessible to all web hosting buys.

MilesWeb VPS Server:

Among all the hosting services, VPS hosting takes the top position because of its flexibility and stability. What makes it unique is the complexity solving ability even with affordable cost. VPS hosting acts as a rescue and a bridge connection between the dedicated server and the shared hosting which is usually fragmented into multiple virtual isolated servers in the normal server. VPS acts as an idea robust service for faster loading of the site, too.

MilesWeb offers two kinds of VPS hosting in India, UK, US and Romania:

  1. Open VZ VPS
  2. KVM VPS

After your VPS hosting becomes active, you can run any script on this server. As an administrator, you will be given access to the VPS database without any limitations. As a cherry on the top, MilesWeb VPS hosting offers you the best-optimized price fulfilling the needs of the customer. The VPS hosting is further divided into OpenVZ VPS, Windows VPS and KVM VPS based on the requirements of the client.

Why should we opt MilesWeb VPS hosting?

  1. Legitimate Billing: MilesWeb offers the moderate virtual server with adaptable billing choices like the month to month, quarterly, semi-every year and every year with no base contracts or tie-ins.
  2. Admin Access: Once your new VPS is up and running, you can introduce and run any application on your server.
  3. Server Monitoring: At MilesWeb, keeping your site up at all times is our obligation. Their experts effectively screen and output the virtual server host hubs and known connections running on them to counteract or minimize the effect of any unanticipated issues.
  4. Affordable Prices: Virtual servers at MilesWeb offers the benefit of having your own first standalone server at shockingly low costs.


MilesWeb VPS Performance:

To give the best to the customers, MilesWeb has started many state-of-art data centers in cities like Nashik, Mumbai, and Indore. By establishing these centers, the company has achieved best uptime and also the loading speed. These data centers are equipped with grade servers, legal infrastructure, enterprise data security, fire protection and cooling etc. In case, if you want to transfer your hosting or domain to any other web hosting service from MilesWeb, it offers you technical support by transferring your scripts and databases making your entire experience friendlier and the transfer, easier.


Now that you’ve gone through the review and also the features offered by MilesWeb, it is open in the air that MilesWeb is your best choice to seek a web hosting service. What makes it stand out among the other companies is the precise uptime, customer-friendly customer service, amazing data security and the affordable pricing. Looking for a web hosting service? You’re just a click away.

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