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One of the leading smartphone brands these days is LG. LG always makes sure that they keep up with the world’s trend, and they impress the public every time they release their latest smartphone creation. The recently-released LG G4 is packed with high-tech and amazing features, making it to be a certified hit in the market. Even though the G4 is still popular and continues to attract buyers, LG is already set on the launching date of their new innovation of smartphone that will be released next year. This smartphone is none other than LG G5.

The rumors say that the LG G5 is manufactured in a way that it can match up with the flagship releases of some other famous smartphone brands such as Samsung and Apple. Since Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 6, Samsung Galaxy Edge Note 3, and iPhone 7 are about to be released in the market, LG is very confident that G5 can manage to pull in a lot of buyers due to its amazing considerable upgrades.

LG G5 Specs and Features

Since LG G5 is not yet released, information about it can only be limited. There are rumors revealing that G5 has improved speed, power, durability, memory, and security. Moreover, speculations said that it will have bigger screen, 3D Camera, Wireless Charging Technology, 20 MP Camera, Octa-Core Processor, and Retina Eye Scanner. Even these things are not yet confirmed, it would still be advantageous to know them a little bit.

Wireless Charging Technology

LG completely understands the fact that we are now in the mobile world. This is why the leading smartphone provider came up with wireless charging technology that is featured on their about-to-release smartphone LG G5. Such technology will allow wireless charging or the so-called inductive charging. Qi wireless charging pad is the only thing needed for wireless charging. An alternating current will be produced by this pad through a transmitter coil. This will then transfer voltage to the receiver coil of the G5. This is how the wireless charging technology works.

Octa-Core Processor

Last year, most of the smartphones available are powered by quad-core processors, which are enough for faster processing of data and powerful functions. But this year, octa-core processors seem to be the trend. This is why LG G5 is made with octa-core processor. Is it a big deal? Absolutely, yes! Octa-core processor has a doubled power capacity of a quadcore-powered smartphone or device. Meaning to say, LG G5 is twice powerful than G4 and some other mobile phones from other brands.

Retina Eye Scanner

It is rumored that LG G5 has Retina Eye Scanner feature. This is incorporated in G5 in order to have a great security on your smartphone. Using this high-end lock security, there is no way other people can freely scan your phone without you knowing it. Since you are the owner, your retina is the one being registered in LG G5, therefore you will be the only one who can operate and make your phone into function.


These are just some of the amazing things that can be expected in the upcoming LG G5 smartphone. Without a doubt, this new creation of LG will be a big hit in the smartphone world.

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