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The kernel_security_check_failure error code is a detection of an error by kernel due to the corruption of a data structure. The error may even pop up because of the misconfigured system files lying around in your system. This error can even slow down your system and force close applications. This issue also goes by the name of KERNAL DATA INPAGE ERROR. This problem often arises due to the driver incompatibility or corruption of data files. Other reasons may include virus attacks, memory issues or even a failing RAM, HDD errors. This particular error which pops up may even be responsible for BSOD OR blue screen of death. It may even affect the hard drive. 

Possible Causes 

1.    Missing or damaged DLL, sys, and Exe files

2.    0x 00000139 Windows 10 errors

3.    Suspicious programs running in the background

4.    Improper registry entry

5.    Windows 8 error problem

6.    Outdated windows driver

With this guide, you will delve deeper into the troubleshooting arena where you will find all the tips/ tricks or solutions that will end up helping solve this issue in your system OS. 

So to fix the issue above, here are all the possible tips.

1) A Windows Disk Cleanup Of Your System Should Be Done

To complete this setup, you’ll need to follow these steps written down below. 

•    Go and open the start menu from your desktop home screen 

•    Search for “disk cleanup” in the search tab and run it. 

Windows Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

•    Select the option which you feel like removing and tick on it

•    After that is done, do click on the “ok” button to finalize this process  

By running a full-fledged disk cleanup, it can solve the “KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE” error issue

2) How To Undo Recent Changes Done To Your System OS. 

•    Visit the search menu and click on it 

•    Search for “system restore” and run it. 

•    Click and open it 

Undo Recent Changes Done To Your System OS
system restore

•    The set-up wizard will pop up and follow the on-screen instructions accordingly. 

•    Or you can choose “recommended restore” option for a better outcome. 

•    Click next consecutively to finalize this setup wizard. 

This quick restore can solve the “KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE” issue in no time. 

3) Updating Your Windows Driver For Your System 

•    Go and click on the start menu 

•    Then on the search bar, search for control panel and run it 

•    Scroll down to look for “windows update” option 

•    There you can check for any recent driver update that is available

•    If there are any, then update it right away with its necessary. 

•    For further convenience, you can set this up for automatic updates. 

•    To do that, you will need to left-hand side and click on the “change setting” tab

•    There you will find a drop-down menu where you can tick on the “Install updates automatically.” tab. 

•    Then click okay to complete these changes done 


From the start menu, visit the device manager from the search tool and open that. Then Right-click on the icon which shows an error sign and then updates it accordingly. Wait for few seconds till it finishes up the update and then exit from the tab to the home screen. 

This quick fix can solve the “KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE” from popping up. 

4) Running A CHKDSK /F Command In The CMD

Start menu> CMD > Type in “chkdsk” command in there > run it > End the setup 

This should solve the issue right away and is the easiest method devised in this guide. 

5) Running An SFC /SCANNOW Command In The CMD 

•    For this, you need to go to the start bar 

•    Then from the search bar, open CMD and run it 

•    There, you would have to type “sfc/scan now” command and press enter to use the command

By this method, you can also solve the “KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE” error. 

6) Scanning Your Whole System 

Running a full-time scan and help you fix the problem in no time. 


start menu>search for Microsoft Security Essentials> open and opt for a full scan of your systemos> finish and close the tab. 

By a full-fledged scan, it can help you in solving the “KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE” error issue. 

These are top most tips and tricks which has proven to have been working for most of the users out there. 

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