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Hi Readers and my fellow bloggers. I am going to start a Interview Series where we will chat with expert bloggers. As you know in an Interview, An expert tries to share his knowledge with readers and we can get a lot of benefits of his skills. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So are you ready to know some hidden tips and tricks? I think you are ready.

So today Rohan Chaubey – A man behind Learning With TeamSR blog who is a young talented blogger from India is with us.

Lets starts with first question.

Q.1: Hi Rohan, First of all welcome at F5 The Refresh blog.  I am so thankful to you that you gave us your precious time. Please introduce yourself to my audience. 

Rohan: Thank you so much Naveen for inviting me for an interview at your blog. As you know I have been following your blog for a while. And I find your posts quite helpful and interesting.

Here is my short introduction for your blog readers –

I am Rohan Chaubey, a blogger, an enthusiast Presentation Designer and a learner from Mumbai, India. I write about Programming, Social Media, Blogging, Technology, Self development and Designing. I am mostly known for appearing as a guest author on various blogs and a few popular ones include,,,, etc.

I have also appeared as an expert on a few blogs and I love working behind the scenes on a few tech blogs.

I have been a contributor to some motivational sites too and you can find my quotes around the web.

Q.2 How and when did you get the idea to start a blog? How long did it take you to get serious about blogging?

Rohan: One of my friends insisted me to start a blog. I started my blog 4 months ago. During the initial stages I used to share programming tutorials and luckily one day I landed on Swadhin’s (one of my blogger friend) blog post which highlighted about Aha!NOW ABC community, and I instantly joined it. And the day I joined Aha!NOW, I got serious with blogging and learned so much from my fellow bloggers and I am still learning.

Q.3 Now-a-days many people are starting their own blogs on the similar topics like making money online, blogging or SEO. But it is very hard to get success by writing on the same topics. So according to you what are the best topics or niche in which newbie can get success?

Rohan: Yes, there are many blogs having the same niche and I don’t think bloggers need to worry about the competition if they are really creative, they will have creative ways to present their information.

According to me a multi-niche blog can be of great deal. A multi-niche blog will attract large fan base compared to the single niche ones. People might disagree to this but in my opinion multi-niche blogs are the best!

Q.4  What are your marketing strategies? Please share some tips to make our posts go viral.

Rohan: I don’t have any strategy. My unfussy brain doesn’t allow me to think much. On the contrary, Bloggers have their huge list of sharing and bookmarking sites but I personally have never used such techniques.

I make sure my posts get maximum shares on twitter and Google+.

My major traffic comes from these two social sites. And I am trying to use Facebook too.

You can use JustRetweet[dot]com to get your posts shared by many. And I love reciprocating so I have my own team on twitter who do me a favor of re-tweeting and spreading the word.

At Aha!NOW community I get many blogger friends who provide me a free sharing service. Reciprocation is the key to maintain healthy relationship with our fellow bloggers.

Q.5 I see that you always get good amount of comments on your blog posts. But there are many bloggers who keep struggling for comments but they always fail. Please share some tips and tricks that how to get more and more comments on your blog post.

Rohan: The simplest trick is to be genuinely interested in others to get people interested in you. Again, it is all about reciprocation.

Another reason for large number of comments is social shares. Either people need to hire a good team or join my team to get max shares on Twitter only.

As far as G+ and Facebook shares are concerned, My friends at Aha!NOW do that for me.

I am glad that I joined Aha!NOW ABC blogging community in the initial days of blogging which helped me a lot.

Q6. Your blog name is “Learning With TeamSR.” What’s the story behind this name?

Rohan: I consider myself as a learner. And I always support teamwork.

TeamSR stands for Team work by Soham and Roham. Soham is no longer working on other topics apart from programming and he no longer contributes for my blog.

Hence the name “Learning with TeamSR” is urging people to join us and learn with us.

Q7. How did you earn your first payment from your blog? Did you provide any service to your audience or earn from any other way? What is your primary income source presently?

Rohan: I am not a money blogger. And I have not earned anything out of blogging. I love helping for free whether it be a tough one or some easy coding for my friends.

My friends have been equally helpful to me. I am into blogging only to learn and not to earn at least for now.

Q.8 There are many people who get banned from Google AdSense. To be frank, I am one of them. Can you please tell me which is the best alternative to earn money from your blog. 

Rohan: As I mentioned before, I am not a money blogger. It’s my passion to learn and help others.

But I have seen my friends earning from other sources too like freelance writing, ghost writing, designing, selling Ad spaces on blogs, paid posts and much more.

Q.9. Tell us about some traffic sources where from a newbie as well as a professional blogger can drive huge and quality traffic to their blog. 

Rohan: My biggest traffic source is social media and as I am not an expert in SEO so I try gaining maximum exposure from social media alone.

But SEO is important and I am learning it. Tho I think I am quite good at handling social media profiles.

So my secret is social media and nothing else. Joining and being active in blogging communities like Aha!NOW also helps a lot.

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Q.10 How you manage your social media accounts? Please share some tips to make strong social profile that can drive some quality traffic.

Rohan: I design my cover photo and other pictures myself. And I do receive a lot of compliments for it. Lol…

I reciprocate in order to get maximum shares. I have my own team of people promoting each other.

Also I personally reply to each and every message whoever sends it. I think mails and messages can drive traffic too.

I don’t prefer using services to automate my shares. I make sure whatever I share on social media is shared without using any automation tool/service except when I am using JustRetweet[dot]com.

Bonus Question 

Q.12 One last question Rohan, Please give us some suggestions and tips to get success in blogging career.

Rohan: I have been into blogging for four months now and the only formula I am trying to apply is:

Unseen content + Good Social Media Team + SEO = Success. 

Create content which was never produced before. Promote others to get yourself promoted. Share and promote your posts to the best of your capability. Not being an expert in SEO and not having much knowledge in the same, doesn’t rank my blog well in the search engines.

Some knowledge about SEO would be an extra benefit for your blog.

Be Rohanlicious – Real, Optimistic, Honest, Admirable, Nice, Leader, Inspirational, Creative, Insightful, Opportunistic, Unique and Selfless. 


Naveen, Thanks for having me as your first guest for your interview series. I wish you all the best and I am sure F5TheRefresh[dot]com will do great in the near future. 

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Over To You

Thanks a lot Rohan for explaining each and every question in very well manner.

I hope you all will enjoy my first interview with Rohan Chaubey. And If you want to ask any question from Rohan, you can ask in comments and I am sure Rohan will try to give you answer as soon as possible.

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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