3 Things You Should Know About Marketing in 2018

marketing in 2018

Marketing is a broad topic that entails bringing products and services to customers. Despite the fact that there are many marketing channels and strategies, they keep changing. In fact, the businesses that succeed are those that embrace the most aggressive marketing strategies. On the other hand, there are marketing elements that don’t change. However, some business owners don’t know much about these evolving marketing trends probably because they leave it to their marketing executives.

The truth is that success in promoting the products or services of a company lies in knowing what works and what doesn’t. Those in the know rarely miss their targets or experience any problem when budgeting for campaigns due to the fact that they make decisions that are guided by facts. At the end of the day, such businesses attract loyal customers while their counterparts continue to record a low number of sales. Before you start marketing any product or service in 2018, you should first read the points elaborate below because they will change your perception towards promoting a brand.

1. Social Media Still Rules

Social media is arguably the mother of all marketing channels. It’s actually the greatest of all time. Social networks were initially meant for helping people keep in touch. But that now has become a secondary objective. In fact, business owners used to regard social networks as a stumbling block that was hindering employees from being productive. They have since become a free marketing resource. This is due to the fact that they are used by millions of people every day, which in return makes them a reliable source of ready customers for products and services.

Nowadays every business has a social media page on leading platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Any business that doesn’t have a presence in social networks has a lot to lose. The customers of this day and age want to interact with business owners in real time. Moreover, they judge the reliability of a business by looking at the size of its following on social media. For instance, a business with many followers and likes on Facebook is likely to attract more customers than another that is deemed to be less influential.

2. Great Content is Key

Great content remains a vital aspect of marketing. Content can be in form of videos or articles. The quality of content is believed to be what convinces people to want to try your services or products. When you curate informative articles and videos, you become an authority that’s hard to ignore. But if your content is not backed by facts, it will eventually work against you by driving customers away from your business. Even the search engines give first priority to websites that have content that’s crafted with the best interests of the user at heart.

3. Mobile Optimization is King

Gone are days when people could only use computers to access the internet. Although computers are still being used for browsing, the masses prefer to use their mobile devices to shop for products and services. This has pushed businesses into creating marketing campaigns that embrace responsive design to be able to reach out to many people. Google has even developed mobiles to enable businesses to create adverts that target mobile phone users. Websites are also being optimized to make them run smoothly when accessed via different devices.

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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