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How To Increase Your Instagram Presence With Ease

Instagram growth hack

Instagram is one of the most famous social media sites in the present. Instagram has around 600 million active users worldwide. So, we can promote any company, product in Instagram. Even an average person can become a celebrity in Instagram. But this can only be possible if and only you have the huge amount of followers. But everyone thinks that it is very difficult to raise followers in Instagram but it is easy, and you can achieve it with ease. So, in this article I want to talk about how you can increase your Instagram follows with ease.

Instagram Growth Hacking Tricks

Instagram growth hack

Instagram growth hack

There are many methods on how to get Instagram followers among them some are free, and some are paid apps which will do your work, and you do not have to do anything.

First Method (Free One)

First, let me tell you about the free method which is little time taking. It is known as the following and unfollowing method. Firstly find accounts which have 100K to 500K followers.  So, put a post notification for those accounts. So, that when they post a picture, you get a notification. As a result, follow the commenter. Then follow and like those who have commented. Then wait for few hours then unfollow them. So, if you do not want to do on your own then download an app known as On fleet which will make your work easier. But Instagram has some limit of some unfollowing person which is around 20 people per hour. So, do this method you will increase your follows. As in this method, you start to follow people within 10 minutes of the picture being uploaded. The people who have commented will be most probably online when you follow them. So, they know you are following them. So, when you unfollow them, they will most likely start to follow you. This is a free method which you can of you plenty of time in your hand but it worth it.

Mass Planner

Now the second method which is paid you can download software known as massplanner which follow 100 people per hour. So, you do not have to do anything let the software do the work for you. The software is very cheap it charges around 10 dollars/ month. You can also get a trial method for five days. So, if you like the software you can buy it. This method will boost your followers in a short period.

Stay Active

The third method is just general and simple. You have to be active on Instagram as much as time as possible. You have to do 30 to 100 comments every day. And like everyone pics friends and people. Then they will check your Instagram account and start to follow you. Like this, you can increase your follower by simply staying online and active.

Upload Consistently

The fourth method is you have to post consistently and try to upload the best pic you have as it shows your work and how much effort you are trying to give. This will make your Instagram account look better, and people would tend to follow you. I would suggest that try to post the picture of those things which you are passionate about like if you are a photographer post you best clicked the picture. Always try to post the best pictures you have. As those Instagram account which has the best pictures and is more regularly uploading photos have a constant growth of followers.


The fifth method is a collaboration with your friend or any family members who are doing the same things as you are doing. As it is always a good idea. Another thing which you can do is that target a specific brand. Yes, if you are a photographer or a makeup artist you can just use products of a same specific brand and tag your pics to the brand Instagram pages. There might be the chance that they would like your picture and approach to you and post your picture in one of their promotional posters or ads. As a result, you will get a lot of followers as well as be paid for the picture by the company. It will give a great lift to your Instagram account.

Icono Square

In the sixth method, I want to talk about some tools you can use for the growth of your Instagram app. The first app I want to talk about is icono square. If you upload a pic and it gets a lot of engagement likes, comments but you post another picture, but it does not get many likes or comments like the previous one. So, we can see at the icono square which photo perform the best on your account. In that way, you can see which type of photos does your viewers or followers want to see. You can see what your target audience want. Another cool feature of icono square is that you can see at which time your viewers are more active on the Instagram app. As timing is very important when you post your pictures as it not only with Instagram but also any other app you use. As, if you upload your pic at the correct timing you can have more likes and comments as your viewers are mostly active at that time. And most importantly its free app. Another app I want to talk about today is tagged for likes as it helps you to find most popular tags which you can put on your photo to get more likes and comments and more followers. But always remember do not feed your description which too much hashtag as it looks too desperate or looks like you are trying too hard. This app is free.

So, these are some of the tricks by which you can gain Instagram followers within very little time and also with ease.

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