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Hi Guys, I don’t think there is no anyone who don’t want Free Web Hosting to host your website. But you know if you are using a Free hosting service, then it might be slow than the premium hosting services. Here are some tricks that will helps you to increase your website speed on the free hosting server and also reduce pressure from it.

If you are using a free web hosting service to host your website and use scripts to show dynamic content, then you might have faced frequent down times. This is because every time a user visits your site, the server runs a new process to generate a web page.

And if your websites get an enormous number of visits then the server will have more work to do, creating a pressure. If this pressure increases to level that the server can’t handle, then your website will go down. It happens more to the users of free web hosting because, the servers of many free hosting services have low-end configurations.

But it is not the end of the world if you are facing this problem. There are tricks that you can use to reduce pressure from your server.

Use Database:

If you host a content website, then you must use a database and store all content of your website in it. Databases store content in a very managed and compressed way. Whenever the server receives a command to generate a web page, it can easily retrieve the content from a database and put it on the web page.

Make sure that your code is Well Structured and Efficient:

Most websites create a lot of pressure on the server because they don’t have efficient and well-structured code.

Make sure that your code doesn’t make non-required requests. Remember the more the request your code makes, the more will be the pressure on the server.

Next thing you want to do is minify your CSS and Javascript if you use. Many sites use different CSS and JS files for different elements on a web page. This creates multiple HTTP requests and many codes repeat by doing this. Make sure that you use minimal number of files, and these files do not have repeated codes.

Use Light Weight Media:

Large media files eat up space on the server and in the case of free web hosting they can eat up a large part of space. And not only this, if the file to be transferred is large then the server will have to spend more time transferring that file to the client’s device.

So, always optimize your images and other media.

Use Cache:

Caching technology can very much reduce pressure from your free web host server.

Caching generally creates all possible pages that your dynamic website may generate. These pages are stored in HTML format on your server. So now, whenever a user will try to access your site, instead of processing long code, your server will display him a pre-processed page. It gives the server a big relief.

But there is also a downside to caching. If you have a very limited disk space, then you might get your web drive overloaded. So before you use this technology, be sure to keep the available disk space in mind.

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Use CMS:

If you don’t use CMS to manage your website, then I recommend using one. Content Management Systems have a well-structured code. Also, they make it easy for a webmaster to maintain the site in an efficient way.

Less Pressure on server results in Increase website speed. Via @navsofttech

If you use a CMS like WordPress, then you can have a pre-optimized theme. You can also enable caching with just one click by using plugins.

If you use these tricks, then you will certainly see the big improvement in your website’s performance. And you will find a decreased response time from your free web hosting server.

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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