How to Make Sure the Quality of Screen Recording Videos is Good


As you may or may not be aware there are several factors that determine the quality of screen recording videos. If you want to make sure that you can capture high-quality footage, it is important that you take them all into account.

Recording Parameters: Framerate and Resolution

Both the resolution and frame rate will affect the quality of the video that you record. A higher resolution will produce a video with better definition, whereas a higher frame rate will make it look smoother.

The resolution of your screen recording video will be based on the dimensions (in pixels) of the frame that you record. In other words, it is best to record in full screen, to maximize the resolution of the video and make it the same as the resolution of your display.

As for the framerate, you should make sure it is at least 30 – through 60 will be far better. The majority of displays have a 60Hz refresh rate, to recording in 60 frames per second will produce a video that looks closer to what you see on your screen.

System Performance

Because screen recording will capture whatever is displayed on your screen, it will also capture any hiccups caused by poor system performance. Keep in mind that screen recording itself requires a lot of system resources – especially if you’re recording at a high resolution and frame rate.

It can help to close any unnecessary apps and background processes to free up system resources. However, if it continues to be an issue you may need to record at a lower quality or upgrade your computer hardware.

Encoding Settings

It isn’t enough to just record high-quality videos – you need to encode them with the right settings, otherwise, it would have been all for nothing.

The rule that you need to follow is simple: Always encode your videos with the same resolution and frame rate that they were recorded in. Additionally, the video bitrate that you set should be high enough that compression artefacts don’t appear, and it will depend on the resolution, frame rate, and format that you choose.

If you want a yardstick that you can follow, YouTube’s guidelines for MP4 with H.264 videos should provide you with a good place to start.


If you cover all the bases described above, you will find that the quality of your screen recording videos is excellent. The only caveat is you will need a screen recorder that will allow you to adjust the recording parameters, and for example one of the best screen recording software you could use is Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

It should be noted that the one other factor you may want to take into account is the audio quality – but only if you’re recording external audio using a microphone. Otherwise, there’s no need to worry about it much, and you can focus solely on the areas listed above to ensure the quality of your video is as good as possible.

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