How to Get iMessage on Android?


iMessage is a popular instant messaging app made by Apple Inc. The app is quite popular among users who have devices like iPhone and iPad.

For a long time, the services of iMessage were only available for the users of Apple Products, but thanks to some excellent developers the iMessage for Android is now available.

What is iMessage?

So first you need to know what iMessage is. In simple words, it’s an Instant Messaging Service by Apple which helps you to chat with your friends and send multimedia like photos and videos using The Internet.

But that’s not all iMessage is more than just another Messaging app, first of all, it comes from Apple, so it has to be classy and slick.

Also, Apple has tried to break the limits of standard text exchanging apps means you not only get a mere messenger with the ability to chat but a full–fledged instant messaging app.

Why should you be using iMessage on Android?

So why exactly should you be using an Instant messaging app which is not even officially available for Android while you have many other smoothly running services such as Whatsapp and Telegram?

Well here is your answer- because it’s better. The biggest reason for using iMessage, in my opinion, is its security. One thing, which recent events between Apple and FBI have proved is that Apple is severe about user’s privacy.

And after that, if an app from Apple is telling me that my chat will be private, and nobody can intercept it in between then I don’t see any reason not to trust it.

Another good reason for using this Apple based Instant Messenger is its amazing features that are very easy to use. Actions like double tapping on the message will help you do all the necessary things like forwarding the message or deleting them.

Download iMessage on Android

Now you are ready to download iMessage on Android phone. The app was not originally available for Android users, but some badass Android developers have modified the code to work on Android devices.

The app comes in the standard Android package file (ask). You can download the file from here (http://iMessageonandroid.com/download/). Once you have downloaded the file click on it to install.

Wrap up

Once you have downloaded iMessage on Android, do tell us your experience with the app in the comments section.

Source: http://www.bloomtimes.com/imessage-for-windows-pc

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