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How To Fix System Thread Exception Pc Problem

Fix System Thread Exception

If an SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error is regularly occurring on your computer, then here you will see how to sort out this problem fully through most excellent solutions.  This runtime code error is a blue screen of death trouble. This type of error could mostly take place due to outdated software or because of bad drivers. This problem will showcase virus check fault which specifies that a system thread produced an error.  This SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error dilemma arises due to the malfunction of the error handler to recognize the system thread. So you can get rid of this computer error through different ways via these methods. 

By Running A Hardware Analytic Check 

This checkup is used to find the memory error, and it can rapidly solve this code problem. For this purpose, you have to follow few steps which are as follows:- 

•    Firstly go to the windows start menu

•    Secondly, go to RUN

•    Then type ” mdsched.exe “ command in the  open box and press Ok command button

Running A Hardware Analytic Check

•    Pursue the guidelines  to complete the  whole Scan and then close the tab  after completion 

By Updating Windows Drivers

Through this practical process, you can completely get the solution for this error. You can do this via two different methods.  Just follow these steps given below:-

Method 1:- 

•    Open the start menu 

•    Then go the Control Panel and open it 

Updating Windows Drivers
Control Panel

•    Now select the Windows Update option within the Control Panel and open it

•    Ensure if any recent  driver update is presented or not if available update it quickly 

•    And you can put it as Automatically Update 

•    For setting it as Automatically Update, go to Change Settings and from there choose to Install Updates Automatically option 

•    Then, at last click on the Ok button to save the changes 

Method 2:- 

•    First of all, open the start menu 

•    Next, go to Control Panel and click on Device Manager and check if there  any driver is showing an error sign 

Updating Windows Drivers
Device Manager

•    If so, then right click on it and select Update driver software option from the drop-down menu 

•    Wait a few minutes for the completion of an update then close the tab. 

By Running The Computer In Safe Mode 

•    Open the start menu, then shut down your PC

•    Wait for a few minutes after that take away the battery and reinsert it again now start your computer 

•    And choose the Safe Mode option there and wait for sometime

By Permitting legacy Advanced Boot Menu In Command Prompt 

1.    Restart your computer, then go into the BIOS settings and arrange the system to boot via DVD/cd drive 

2.    And save the modification by pressing any key to boot from DVD/cd then  from the windows setup screen click on the Next button 

3.    From the next window, click on the Repair your PC option 

4.    Select an options screen next choose Troubleshoot 

5.    Then  pick on the Advanced Options next click on the Command Prompt(cmd) and then on CLI(Command line interface) Type C:  and then select the Enter Key 

6.    Next type  BCDEDIT / SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY on open CLI and hit enter on the keyboard to enable it. Now restart your computer and eject the cd/DVD after completion 

By Running Scannow in CMD 

Open start menu and then open cmd there now type the Sfc/scannow command and hit enter on the keyboard to implement it. 

By Scanning Your PC For Bugs 

From the start menu search or select Microsoft Security Essentials open it and choose full scan option next click on the Scan Now button there to begin the whole computer scan. The above-given tactics can permanently remove SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED code fault from your computer. You can choose these options as per your requirement or constraints. In the end, the choice is all yours. 

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