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How To Fix SSL Connection Error(ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR) Easily:

Fix SSL Connection Error

The SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. The SSL Error is an error which pops up when you are trying to open a website using the browser. This is a common, day to day problem, which one can find mostly in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.It occurs when you are not able to make a secure connection to the server which you are trying to connect or any mismatch in the security certificates. This is very annoying when you are surfing the internet, and something like this pops up. However, if you read this article, you will get to know the easy methods of fixing such a problem.

1- Check The Windows Firewall Or Your Local Proxy Settings-

Windows Firewall
Internet Options

The first thing you can do is check your firewall and proxy settings. OpenStart Menu>Control Panel->Internet Options, immediately a popup will open, click on the connections option present there, then on the LAN Settings. The Proxy Server information will appear on the proxy server.

2- Check The Windows Date And Time Settings-

Windows Date And Time
Change Date and Time Settings

Open Start Menu>Date and Time settings. Then, click on the Change Date and Time Settings. There, click on ‘change Date and Time’ and then on ‘Time Zone.’ There select your preferred time zone and click OK. 

3- Check The Windows System Host File-

Check The Windows System

OpenStart Menu and click on the ‘Run…’ Option. There type ‘notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts’ and press Enter. This will open a Host File and check if there is any problem and make the necessary changes.

4- Disable The Google Chrome QUIC Protocol-

OpenGoogle Chrome browser, then type the URL field Chrome://flags and press Enter. After it opens, go to ‘Experimental QUIC Protocol,’ open the drop down menu. Click on the Disabled option to disable the QUIC Protocol. Disabling this fixes the problem many times.

5- Clear The SSL State Cache-

Open Google Chrome>Settings. Then, scroll down right to the bottom and click on ‘Show Advanced Settings.’ Find ‘Change Proxy Settings’ under network after scrolling a bit, and click it. Go to ‘Content tab’ and click on ‘Clear SSL state.’ After doing this close everything and reboot your PC.

6- Change The Permissions For Hosts On Your Windows PC-

Open Start menu, then Computer>Local disk(C:)>Windows>System32>Drivers. Double click on the ‘Hosts’ file. Click on Security tab, select Administrator and click on Edit. Pop will open ‘Permission for Hosts,’ deselect all options, click on the Apply and then OK.

7. Disable Internet Browser Extensions-

Open Google Chrome, click on the Menu. Then on click on More Tools->Extensions. Click on Unchecked Enabled which you want to disable. Click on remove to delete it completely.

8. Change Windows Internet Security And Privacy Levels-

Open Start Menu->Internet Explorer->Security. Then click on the Zone icon-> move the slider to the preferred level to change the Security zone settings.

9. Clear Internet Browser Caches And Cookies-

Open Google Chrome>Menu>History. Click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option, then select and check the Cache and Cookies options and click ‘Clear Browsing Data.’ It will clear all caches and cookies.

10. Ignore The Certificate Error-

Right, click on your Google Chrome icon and open Properties>Shortcuts, in the Target box type ‘-ignore-certificate-errors-.’ Click OK and then Apply.

11. Update Internet Web Browser-

Open Google Chrome Browser>Menu>Help. Click on About Google Chrome and then ‘Check For Updates.’ If there is any update available, update it.

12. Enable SSL Versions On Your PC-

Go to Start Menu>Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced. There, tick on all the options- Use SSL 2.0, Use SSL 3.0, Use SSL 1.0, Use SSL 1.1, Use SSL 1.2. Then click Apply and OK to save the changes.

13. Uninstall Or Deactivate Any Antivirus Program-

Open Start Menu>Control Panel>Program and Features. Uninstall any Antivirus software on your computer.

So, these are the top methods which you can carry out to fix Error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in your browser. It is so very simple, and the issue gets resolved in no time.

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