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How To Fix Ip Address Conflict In Your Pc

Fix Ip Address Conflict
Fix Ip Address Conflict In Your Pc

You may have encountered the problem Windows has Detected an IP Address Problem when many of your devices are connected to your home network. Once this happens, you will either lose your network connection, or it will not be stable.

Why Does This Problem Occur?

Your PC will have a unique IP address. Every PC on a given network has it as this is the only means to which the router can track from where a particular request, the new web page is coming as well as where the information that we get from the Internet is arriving at.

The IP address is assigned to your PC by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server that is already present in your router. DHCP consists of some IP addresses from where it assigns them to the different devices that are connected to that particular network.  However, what happens sometimes is that this DHCP gives the same IP address to two different devices. After one of the devices have received the IP address, and after working for some time it is kept in sleep mode, the DHCP senses that device is not being put to use, gives the same IP address to the second device. The problem of conflict in IP address arises when the first device is again put to use, and it uses the IP address used by the second device. 

It can also happen that the same IP address is given to multiple devices connected to the same network. This happens when the DHCP starts malfunctioning. 

How To Fix This Particular Problem?

1.    Restart Your Router

Restart Your Router
router fails

It sometimes happens that the router fails to provide the correct IP addresses to the devices connected to the network. Many times this problem of IP address conflict arises because of some temporary issue and can be corrected by restarting the router. All you need to do is switch off the router and wait for 1-2 minutes and then switch it on. After that wait for 2-3 minutes for it to completely settle down and then connect your devices to the network

2.    Release And Refresh Ip Address

Open the Search Box from the Start Menu and type cmd, then right click on cmd and as administrator option, choose run.

In the command prompt window, type the commands:

Release And Refresh Ip Address
command prompt

•    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

•    ipconfig /release

•    ipconfig /renew

and then press Enter after each of them.

3.    Remove Static Ip

Press Windows key and R together and open the Run dialog. Type ncpa.cpl and then click OK.

Remove Static Ip

Right click on the Local Area Connection, if you are making use of wired Internet connection, and Right click on Wireless Network Connection, in case you are connected to Wifi. Go to drop down menu and now click on Properties.  Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and after that click on Obtain an IP address automatically. 

Remove Static Ip
Network Connection

Select Obtain DNS server address automatically and after clicking OK, close all the windows.  Reboot the computer and check if the problem has been erased or not.

4.    DISABLE Ipv6

On many devices, the IP address conflict can occur due to similar default IPv6. You can overcome this problem by going to Registry Editor on all Network Adaptors and disable IPv6.

Go to the Start menu and in the Search box click on Regedit and then click OK. Then in User Account Control, dialog box, go and click on Continue.

When the Registry editor starts, go the registry key given below


Then, for chaging an entry, double click on Disable Component. In case the Double Component entry is not there then create one and then go the Edit menu of the registry editor and click on New and click on DWORD(32-bit) value.  Type Disable Component and click Enter. Disable Internet Protocol Version 6(IPv6) except for IPv6 loopback interface by typing 0ffffff. Then restart your device, and you will see that IPv6 has been disabled the problem of IP address conflict has been sorted.

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