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How To Embed a Facebook Post with Blog or Website

How to embed a facebook post in blog
Today I am here with a new post. Today we will learn how we can embed a Facebook post  with our blog or website. Few days ago Facebook announced a new feature that users can embed any post in their blog or website. To embed a post on your blog first of all you need to check that is this post is Public or not. If the post is not shared publicly then you can can not embed this post. To check that the post is public or not hover over the audience sector and you will see a Global icon if your post is public.
When you find that the post is public click on the “Embed Post” in the drop down menu as shown in the image.
How to embed a facebook post in blog
When you will click on “Embed Post” a pop up window will appear on the screen as shown in the below mentioned image. Copy the code from this window and paste it in your blog or website.
How to embed a facebook post in website
You can directly like, share, comment this post from your blog or website where you embed this post.

Advantages of embed a post in Website or Blog:

  • Liking or sharing the post directly from your web page
  • Liking the Page or following other posts from the author using the top right button
  • Visiting the post’s comments, photos, hash tags(#) and other content on Facebook
See this embedded Post :
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