How to Earn Money Online By Just Shorting URLs?


Heard one of those Make money from home fairytales? Not sure how far they true? Well let me cheer you up, they’re true alright, and I’m speaking from experience.

Well, I used to think you need a degree in marketing and SEO to make money online. I was so damn wrong no doubt to that. Seems, the internet has too much of money and it would let you have it for doing something as unimportant as “shortening URL’s”.

Well, not “unimportant” exactly, because shortening URL’s has a lot of benefits. And I’m talking about Shorte.st in this piece, the URL shortening platform that pays you insane cash just for using their platform!

Well, “why would you want to shorten your URL’s”? First of all, you use URL’s all day long, on your social media, E-mails and every other place so yeah shortening them isn’t harming you anyway.

But Yeah a good question, so let me answer it.

More Links – Less Space

If you ever need to fit in more then one links somewhere, and the character count is limited, well Shorte.st on your rescue. (And it pays you in the process!)

Hide Primary Links

Don’t want your main links exposed on the internet? Well let’s make www.google.com something like www.sh.st/232312 that’s cool, huh? No one but the clickers get to know what lies behind that link. (and you again get paid in the process!)

Less Spammy Look

Promoting a product? Trust me you’re going to be nailed down if you as much as try using something like :- mywebsite.com/buy_my_product! No one would ever click the link. But let’s mask it again, it has proven to increase CTR and thus more sales for you. (Ofcourse you’re going to get paid even for the clicks!)

So see? Those were the most basic, and important reasons why you should consider shortening your URL’s. Want one more? Shortening URL’s makes you rich! How’s that?

Shorte.st is a platform that pays you for shortening your URL’s using it. You Signup at Shorte.st (which is free and needs couple seconds), you use the Shorten URL bar at the top , You spread the URL, you get clicks and thus get paid!

Why Shorte.st And not Any Other Platform?
Yeah there are more companies then just shorte.st who let you shorten your URL’s, but the reason I’m speaking boldly for this one platform is:-

Super High Payouts

Well Shorte.st pays you one of the highest commissions in the industry for shortening URL’s. Which can go as high as $2 per click, or $10.80+/1000 impressions!

Advanced Features

What I love most about Shorte.st is the control I have on my sites. Well it has this awesome Exit Intent feature, which let’s me monetize my BOUNCE RATE!


Meaning, the ads pop up everytime a user tried to leave! Wow that’s like next level marketing isn’t it?

Another awesome feature from Shorte.st is it’s full website script! All I have to do is Copy-paste the script to my site, and after that every visitor that arrives on my site starts making money for me!

Full Fledged Statistics page that let’s me know how my links are performing, which strategy exactly is making me more money and how much have I earned! So see? They’ve kept things professional and the user -interface too is extremely friendly.


Well, it even allows me to control when exactly the ads should pop up. I’ve set it to “Second time the user is on the site”, so that helps me keep my “don’t frustrate the visitor” thing up, and at the same time increase my CTR because it’s loading the second, and not the first time someone new is on my blog.


Well even without shortening URL’s, you can net off $100-200 easily every month just by referring people.

You refer someone and Shorte.st will keep paying you 20% of whatever they make for the rest of your life! That’s like super awesome! So what are you waiting for? Go along and Signup at Shorte.st right now!

Final Words:-

Shorte.st is so feature overloaded that it’s not possible for me to write down every single one of it! So yeah I’d say if you’re not a billionaire yet (well no Shorte.st won’t make you one, I’m just being honest and practical) then you definitely need extra cash.

And shorte.st makes that happen for you. It has advanced tools and features and high commission rates and everything. So don’t just sit back, go Signup at shorte.st right now. What harm can it do to try it once?
Signup is 100% free!

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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