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Social media is the most trending in these days among all the people, and Twitter is one of them. Twitter was started in late in March 2006 as text based social media network. But later it starts supporting Images and GIFs and videos.

Users can share text, Images, animated GIFs and videos easily but downloading the videos from Twitter is a challenging task. Let me tell you that video can add with different ways in Twitter. So before you starting the video downloading processes, you need to find out the source of the video. It can be embedded through Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, or HTML 5 Video Player.

And downloading the video is all dependent on the source of the video. So let’s discuss.

How to Download Videos from Twitter

Once you figure out the source of the video, you need to follow steps according to the source.

If it is from +YouTube


Youtube is the most popular Video sharing website, and it is too easy to download Youtube video to your hard disk. There are so many websites and browser extension that allow you to download youtube video in various formats. So you just need to open Youtube video from Twitter and copy the link and paste link into those websites. There are some popular sites like Keepvid, Savetube, etc.

You can also use IDM to download the videos.


Vine is the another short video sharing website which is owned by Twitter. If the video is from Vine, it is much easy to download video from vine rather than Youtube. Just open the Vine Video link in your browser. Now right click on the video and click on Save Video as or any similar option.

The video will be stored on your PC in MP4 format which is supported by almost every video player.

HTML 5 Video Player

If the video source is HTML5 Video player, i.e., if video directly uploaded to Twitter then it is the little bit tricky to download video from Twitter. Because you can not get direct video link from twitter. But there is some website that can help you to download these videos from Twitter.

Best Websites to Download Videos from Twitter online

Before you visit these websites to download your videos, let me tell you that these websites extract videos from tweet because there will not be any direct video link. So you need to copy tweet link.

Do you know how to copy tweet link from tweeter? if you know, that ok, if you don’t know, follow the steps./

How to copy Tweet Link?

  • Just go to tweet.
  • Find Three dots () below the tweet which indicates for more options. Click on these dots.
  • Now click on Copy Link To Tweet.

  • A pop-up will display on the screen, just copy the link and paste in any below given website.

Video Download sources:

  1. http://www.downloadtwittervideo.com
  2. http://savevideo.me/
  3. http://99downloader.com/download-twitter-video
  4. http://www.videograbber.net/
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