How to Create an App that Breaks the Mould

How to Create an App that Breaks the Mould

Toronto is a booming tech city; in fact, it has the fifth highest number of jobs in app development, software publishing, data processing, and computer system design compared to all cities in North America, and it continues to grow.

How to Create an App that Breaks the Mould

With so many firms emerging in Toronto, how do you tell which companies are going to deliver the leading edge application your company needs? These are some of the qualities you should be looking for from app development companies in Toronto.

#1 Foresight

Truly innovative developers see solutions that will endure changing markets and technologies. They can take the pain points your organization needs to address and create an app with lasting value. Part of it is timing; they have a nose for determining what your customers are ready to uptake and what’s a step too far.

Always take a look at their past work before beginning your partnership and ask yourself if their portfolio backs up their claims to innovation. Foresight is impossible to fake when you’re looking back in retrospect.

#2 Agility

Without an agile process, no company can truly possess foresight or adaptability. An agile process uses rolling wave planning that gives you more say in how the project moves forward. As you learn more about the challenges and opportunities throughout the process, you can react and make decisions that were impossible to make at the start.

The agile process used by Toronto firm Clearbridge Mobile, for example, includes constant strategizing and project ideation as expectations evolve, squads that see projects through from start to finish, and end-of-sprint demos that keep you updated on progress. Don’t be blindsided by the final product; you have more control when you are part of the process.

#3 Collaboration

If you meet a development studio that only wants to take your requirements and run with it until they’re done, it’s a good sign that you should look elsewhere. Your company has to be involved every step of the way to get the product that’s best for your organization. Your mobile app developer should regularly be sharing their work and revising it to meet your expectations.

They should also be willing to work with your legacy systems. Take the QSR firm that turned to Clearbridge Mobile, for example, and their POS system was legendary for being behind the times, but the app development company created a mobile tap or scan payment system through a closed loop gift card.The software did not require any hardware upgrades at the POS in their thousands of locations.

#4 Multi-Platform Capability

Always ask which platforms companies have worked with in the past. With the ongoing competition between Android and Apple devices, you will want to work with a company like Clearbridge Mobile based in Toronto experienced with developing native iOS apps and Android app development, as well as IoT, beacons, and wearable technology. With the proliferation of wearable tech and the recent price drop of gadgets like Apple Watch, no developer can limit themselves to smartphone platforms.

When you’re looking for mobile application development in Toronto, find a partner who will listen to your requirements but who also brings transformative solutions to the table.

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