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Apple is the most trusted brand as Apple thinks, I think and also you think if you are getting interest in reading this article. As you know, there is a huge demand for iPhone because as I mention in the article title that it make your life so simpler and fill it with more joy.

To prove my points, I need your little time to read the whole post. I am going to share some best features of an iPhone that make your iPhone experience much better.

“Handoff” Feature: 

It is a great feature available in iPhone that make your life easier and increase your interest to use an apple product. It is available in latest iPhone update. It lets you pick up where you left off on any of your devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Dial a Number from Safari:

Let me explain how this feature works for you. Suppose you are searching for the number of a bar or restaurant on Google, you don’t need to remember this one or no need to write down on your dial pad. You can see that phone number will be underlined. You just need to tap on the number, and Safari will show a prompt with the number asking if you want to “Cancel”, or “Call”. Now decide what you want. Click on call if you want to make a call on that number otherwise just cancel the call.

Quick Scroll through Contacts: 

With the help of this feature you can scroll smoothly through your contact list by trusty finger-flick. There is another one option to scroll contact by tapping the letters along the right side of the screen, and it will show all the contact starting with that letter. There is also another way – just hold the finger on the letters and scroll up and down. You will be able to through your contact in a very smoothly, controllable and perfect manner by flicking your finger on the iPhone screen.

Create Shortcuts for Often Used Words:

In our busy life, we always look for shortcuts. So Apple adds a feature in its iPhone to create shortcuts for most common used words. So if you don’t want to type like “How are you?” you can create a shortcut for this. You just need to change settings. To change your settings you need to go in setting-> “General”-> Keyboard and now select “Add New Shortcut”. Here you can add new phrases and their shortcuts.

Find Your Lost Phone: 

You know, anytime you can lost your iPhone, or some jerk can steal it. So Apple adds a feature in its iPhone that will help you to find your mobile phone. You just need to download free “Find My iPhone” app, and it will help you to locate your iPhone on a map from your computer or any iOS device. You can send a message or start a loud ring so you can see if you just maybe left it somewhere in the residing place. You will be able to lock remotely or wipe the iPhone’s data.

Respond to a call with a text:

Many times you would not want to pick a call, or you are in a meeting. iPhone allows you to Tap ‘Message’ on your home screen so you can send a prewritten text response. You can customize replies in Settings->iPhone->Respond with Text.

Limit Ad Tracking: 

You can limit advertiser ability to track your phone activity on his ads. If you want more privacy on your iPhone, you can control your iPhone to limit the ability for advertisers to track you.

Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking

Do Not Disturb Feature: 

You can save your precious time by enabling Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone, which lets you set explicit times when you don’t want your phone to bug you. To enable Do Not Disturb follow the steps:
Settings > Do Not Disturb.
There are many options to get better experience on your iPhone. Try every option according to yourself.

Extra Features:

An iPhone can provide your many more features that will help you to make your life easier, and you never miss any Apple Product to buy. Here are some hidden features like Cellular Data On/off, SMS Character Count, SMS Search, High-quality Camera Zoom, spell check and many more.
I would also like to hear your views too here. Please comment your views and add some more features that can make better user experience.


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