HostiServer Review: Hosting Features and Pricing

hostiServer hosting review

Speed, security, reliability and good customer support are the main requirements of anyone looking to put their projects on a server. HostiServer has all the above qualities along with ease of use and real-time monitoring which puts it far ahead of all its competitors.

Tech giants such as Dell, Intel, Samsung etc. are partners with HostiServer, indicating the effectiveness of their hosting, CDN and Backup services.


They have servers in the USA and Europe which makes the speed of their service extremely fast. Their hardware is racked at Tier-3 certified data centers and handled by experts in hardware lifecycle management. Since they have state of the art technology, they have a very stable and secure service to offer.

HostiServer offers 4 main services as listed below: –


HostiServer provides the best VPS server because of its stable servers and ease of setup. The VPS also comes paired with 10MBps CDN which makes it a perfect choice for anyone working on small projects/websites.

Dedicated Server

The dedicated server provided by HostiServer is the best in the market without a doubt. The speed of their servers is beyond a doubt lightning fast and they come with 20 MBps CDN and 250 GB of backup storage and so much more. Of course, the migration setup is free and supported by the technical team.

Anycast Content Delivery Network (CDN)

I have used their CDN services and I can say that there is surely a great boost in my website performance along with increased speed and satisfied customers.


Backup service is what makes HostiServer stand out from its competitors. All their backup servers are equipped with enterprise-grade drives in a RAID which makes it rock solid for the storage of important files.

Best Features

Most companies that offer servers aim to make more money, but HostiServer tends to the needs of its customers. With HostiServer, you can create a service plan that seems fit for YOUR hosting needs and not the one which makes HostiServer some extra money.

No Shared Hosting

Unlike other hosting services, HostiServer is focused on providing dedicated bandwidth to its customers. If you have shared hosting, oftentimes if someone who shares the same resources uses too much of it, your website or project might slow down.

With HostiServer, there is no possibility that your services will be affected because of someone else. Your servers and your configurations are only for you to use.

Website Acceleration

I used the CDN service from HostiServer and I noticed a spike in the load times of my site. There was almost a 40% increase in the speed of my site which resulted in happy clients for me.

Their CDN service is super reliable and I am really satisfied with it. The best part about it is that it is fully compatible with WordPress and other CMS platforms, so I did not face any problem at all.

Professional Technical Support

I have not seen any team as dedicated to helping their customers as the HostiServer team. Their team members Alex and Tommy are wonderful people who are so polite and professional in their responses.

Any query that I put forth is always resolved by them instantly. I did not even need to configure my VPS server on my first try. They helped me move my project seamlessly from another server.

Backup Service

The servers are extremely secure and redundant storage along with backup power is always there to ensure maximum safety of your data. Having a backup service along with other hosting services such as VPS, Dedicated Server and CDN separated HostiServer from the crowd for me.


The pricing for HostiServer is very cheap as compared to its competitors and that is why it ranks on the top for best server choice. All the services are fairly priced. The best thing about HostiServer hosting is that it provides offers and discounts regularly which make it a great catch for anyone.

You can get VPS starting from an affordable plan of $19.95 to a powerful plan of $79.95.

To get dedicated hosting, you can spend anywhere from $130 to $357.

For CDN, they have pay as you go services which would cost $2/Mbps. You can also opt for up to 1000+Mbps which would cost $1.2/Mbps.

Their backup plans are very cheap starting from $10/month for 250 GB up to $450/month for 20 TB.

If none of the pricing matches your budget, You can wait for Black Friday hosting deal, this is definitely for bloggers or businesses owners like you or you can always contact them personally and create a plan according to your needs.


With this hosting provider, never have to worry about monitoring and the right configuration at all. The support team is always there to help us achieve our requirements.

Unlike many other hosting providers HostiServer doesn’t offer shared traffic, and that’s just perfect! You don’t have to suffer from an excessive load on your server which might lead to crashes on your site because of other extra-active users. You have your Virtual Private space or your dedicated hosting with your own resources which need not be shared with anyone else.

The Hosting Company is totally recommended to anyone who is serious about purchasing hosting servers.


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