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Before I tell you why I am so much impressed with Host1Plus, I will recommend all those to-be bloggers out there to never fall for cheap hosting services! There are also many who want to build their website without spending much. Don’t fall for the ‘cheap’ plan trap! Nothing comes for free and not even for $2.30/mo, with free domain name.

Avoid Cheap Plans

I signed up with a very cheap web hosting provider. I was drawn to the free domain offer, which was available at a rock bottom price of just $2.30 per month. I wanted to host a tech blog – to be precise it is focused on smartphones. Within 2 days of signing up, I accessed the rvsitebuilder to start building my blog. I was stunned to see the message that the “rvsitebuilder license …… has been forced to suspend.” I immediately realized that I had made a poor choice by falling for a cheap plan.

I immediately contacted the customer support through live chat. Two reps came online, one after the other, but none answered my query. As if they were ignoring what I was asking. I realized that their rvsitebuilder license had expired and they didn’t want to admit it to me!

That was it! I got a clear idea of how the future experience with that web host would be. So I moved my site to a reliable and well-established host, Host1Plus and chose their starting VPS package.

My blog is now up and running and I am generating decent income from a number of programs including AdSense!

My Host1Plus Plan

I sought some help from one of my colleagues in moving my site to the new host.
My plan comprises of the following feature:

  • Server location – LA
  • Single Core CPU
  • 768 MB RAM
  • 20GB Hard Drive Space
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address

My plan costs me $4.50 per month.
The first thing I did was to test the customer support. I didn’t wait and immediately started building my blog. The site builder was simple yet rich in features and made things smooth for me. I built my blog on WP and I am fully satisfied with the service.

Main Features of Host1Plus

The main features of Host1Plus VPS hosting plan that I found appealing include:

  • It offers wider choice of operating software
  • I get root access to server
  • I can also choose the location of my server The customer support is available 24×7 (with the cheap host that I chose earlier, the customer support ran from 9 am to 6 pm. So beyond that time I was on my own. But even an available support executive was of no worth)
  • Affordable VPS plans (my VPS plan costs me just $4.50/mo. With my previous web host, the shared plan cost me $2.30/mo. They didn’t have a VPS package at all)
  • App auto installer. I don’t have to go through any headache

Price and the quality of data centers are the two main factors that impressed me about Host1Plus.


Host1Plus has several data centers in different geographical locations. So webmasters can easily choose the server location that is close to them or to their target market. You can choose your server location from cities like LA, Chicago, Frankfurt, Johannesburg and Sao Paulo.

There are many advantages of being able to choose the server location:

  • When the server location is close to the target audience, webmasters are able to reduce latency. This helps in increasing site performance.
  • It can also give search engines a signal about the location of your target market.

Affordable Pricing

Host1Plus offers its VPS plans at relatively lower rates than other web hosts. But I will not call them ‘cheap’. A decent VPS hosting plan starts at around $4.50/mo. Although the package starts from $2.50/mo, there is not much in it in the form of resources for me.

However, Host1Plus gives you much more than others on a direct comparison. Besides, there is a discount offer on the prices too. $4.50/mo is what I pay because I have a monthly plan. I started with the monthly plan to be safe not to commit for the long term. I wanted to test their features. But if I change my billing cycle to 1 year or even 3 months, there is discount that further reduces the price.

Earn Commission with Host1plus

Hey guys, one more thing for you. You can earn a good commission by promoting Host1plus hosting. Yes, they are offering you up to  $115 for each sale. so what are you thinking? Wait ! Do you want to know more about the Host1plus affiliate program? Check below

  • You can earn upto $115 for per sale you referral.
  • You will receive $10 as a signup bonus for Host1plus affiliate program.
  • You don’t need to pay any coin to join the affiliate program for Host1plus. It’s all free.
  • You can track your progress easily from your affiliate dashboard.
  • You will get paid each and every month. Do there is no any risk at all for your hard work.
  • Most important!! To be an affiliate, you don’t need to be the customer of Host1plus.
  • You can cash out your commission when you reach $50.

So I think, this is enough for you to earn money by promoting Host1plus hosting.

If you want to go with premium services and cheap cost hosting ten you can go with siteground and you can check siteground coupon code free with the great discount deal.


My blog is now up and running and I have had no issues with Host1Plus since the last 4 months. I will not have to upgrade my plan for a long time. The customer support is reliable, as the people do respond to your queries – unlike my experience with the previous host. The prices are low, but they are not ‘cheap’ because nothing comes off cheap. The ability to choose server location is something great.
I will recommend Host1Plus to everyone – from a starting blogger like me to someone with a large corporate site. They have plans for everyone!

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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