Google Home Mini review: Perfectly designed for the users


Google has created an affordable compact Google Home Mini which is a smart speaker. Not only a WiFi speaker but it gets along with Google Assistant which will help you in many general questions you want to get answers about. The tough competitor of Amazon’s Echo Dot, this can also turn on tunes, dim the lights and more just by listening to your voice commands.

Comparing to Google’s other same lineup products like Google Home and Google Home Max, Google Home Mini is less expensive and there is quite a feature which are exactly the same. But this can’t replace the bigger ones for sure in performance point of view.

Available at an aggressive price of Rs. 4,999, the device might be judged harshly on the subject of sound quality as it falls flat. But if you set it up with a Chromecast Audio, Google Home Mini will enhance the audio quality and clean the vocals. Getting out of the con and going to the pros, it is very smart with Google Assistant, loads of features and low pricing too. Explore your Google Home Mini with Flipkart Coupons at amazing deal prices.


Turn the Google Home upside down and you will see the Google Home Mini- not kidding, it seriously looks like that. It gets a fabric-texture on the top for the sound and matte plastic as its bum- exactly looks like a little donut.

This cute and compact Home Mini is palm-sized and it looks really great. It gets great touches like tap the top to pause and resume the play. Tap and hold on the middle will wake Google Assistant up but it was disabled soon due to some privacy concern.

Moreover, touch left and right sides of the speaker to lower and raise the volume. Not only this, navigating the device with voice or touch, Google Home Mini lighten up the four LEDs it has got on the top of it.


The most affordable Google Home device is great in its performance too. The Google Assistant works perfectly, the device recognizes the voice with no complaints to deliver in the price it comes- it is an amazing device. One great thing you will love about the device- if you are in other room shouting or just beside the device, it will react in the same way and give you similar results.

What you can do with this Google Home device? From placing calls, stream music on Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio and more, sending a request to shift the YouTube video to the Chromecast without much effort, the Home Mini does everything for you. Moreover, the device has also a power to integrate with the Internet of Things device like Philips Hue, WeMo and more. You can enjoy unbelievable rates for all latest gadgets with Paytm Mall Coupons.

Long put short, the features this device brings along with itself are impressive.

You can connect the device through Google Home app lightning fast and get to learn about some things about Home Mini like how it works and stuff like that. Moreover, if you want to use Google Home Mini as the Bluetooth speakers only, Google Home app will help you a lot.

Once you are all set from your smartphone, just listen to the songs you want to listen. Either give the speaker a yell for a few tunes, being as explicit or obscure as you’d like or simply hit the Cast button close to the best to give your telephone free rule to drive its sound directly to the Home Mini.

Overall, the device is quite powerful and at this price point, Google has delivered a pitch perfect smart speaker.


The Home Mini is exactly like its competitor, Amazon Echo Dot. It is a Google’s attempt to take the Assistant into as many homes as possible. At that, the absolute beat of abilities that the Google Home brings many things along with its cute, premium design and the low value make it a bang on device.
Though you will find the sound quality pretty weak, the device has more pros than the cons. Like, it easily connects with the Chromecast, it has Bluetooth support, IoT plays a major role and also the aggressive pricing. So, if you are looking for a device like this, lock this device in your buy-list.

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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