Google Drive Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Google Drive Tips

Hi , Today I am here with a new post about Google Drive tricks. Google allow you to create any document online. You can create any word document, spreadsheet, photos, drawing and more. In the starting +Google Drive  allow free storage till 15 GB and after you can upgrade it 100 GB for $2 per month and 1TB for $9.99 per month. While Google Drive is easy to use you may not be aware that there are several easy ways to get more out of the service without having to use any extra apps. I am going to share some more easy way to utilize your Google Drive.

Crop Photos :

There are several style of photo cropping in +Google Drive . To utilize this option you have to select any image and  then select crop icon in the toolbar. Aside square or rectangle, you can crop a image in other different shapes like heart, smiley faces.

Google Drive Tips

Experiment With Add-ons :

For documents and spreadsheets, try out one of the many available add-ons. They include EasyBib (which creates a quick bibliography), Twitter curator (which lets you search and save tweets to your doc) or Translate (which translates text into other languages).

You can find add-ons in the toolbar when you open a doc or spreadsheet.

Watch this video for better experience.

Check out your Drive activity:

You can check all activities or changes made on your document or spreadsheet by you or anyone else. To check Drive activity, Open Drive and click on the small “i” icon in the righthand corner. All of your activity will pop up.

Look at your revision history:

Want to make a revision on your drive or document, here’s a tip that’s hiding in plain sight. You can see up to 100 revisions made on any of your documents by clicking “File” and “See revision history.” You  can also use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+alt+shift+G

Use Spreadsheets Offline:

If you are a die heart user of spreadsheet, then this feature will increase you experience of using spreadsheet. In December it received many upgrade such as new functions like averageif (which gives you the average of specified cells), and unlimited cells, formulas and columns.You can also use it without an Internet connection. Any spreadsheet you edit while you’re offline will simply update once you’re connected to the web.

Shortcut to keyboard shortcuts:

Want to use of keyboard shortcuts on your drive. Press  “shift” and “?” and drive will pull up list of all keyboard shortcut on the screen. Use these shortcuts to make your better experience on Google Drive.

Customize who sees what:

If you are sharing a document with anyone, you can customize the settings that what type of access each person get.  You can allow or forbid someone from making comments or edits.

Make your email life easier :

Gmail limits the size of email attachments to 25MB, but you can bypass that by sending an attachment via your Drive. When you compose an email, click on the small Drive icon, and from there pick what you want to add.

When someone sends you any attachment via email, you can save it straight to your Drive. Hover over the attachment and you’ll see the Drive icon. Click on it and place it where you like.

Restore File From Bin:

If accidentally you deleted any file from your Desktop Google Drive. Don’t worry too about losings your file. Just log in to your online Google drive and Select the bin folder. You can recover from here all deleted files.

Use Forms to Collect Data:

Google Forms allow you to run a survey or quickly create a team roster with a simple online form. Whatever information has been input into the form will be automatically compiled into a spreadsheet, neatly organized so you can analyse the results.

To create a Form just head to the Google Drive website, click on the Create option and select Form. From here you’ll be able to set up the form.

If you have any idea or Tricks for Google Drive, Please make your comment below.

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