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Being a manager is hard work. There’s a lot to think about, from ordering and stock levels to financial forecasts and marketing. But, whether you run your own business and manage a workforce of three, or run a branch of a huge company with hundreds underneath you, how you manage your staff is one of the most important parts. Your staff makes all the difference. A team of happy, highly motivated individuals can be what turns your business into a success.

They can make your job better, and all of the other things you need to do easier. But, managing staff and learning how to get the best out of them is also one of the hardest parts of your job. Anyone can learn how to count stock or use an order sheet, but, it’s not always as easy to learn how to manage people. Here are some top tips to help you to get the most out of your team.

Understand Them

While you may love your job or your business, and be willing to give up your spare time to make a go of it. It’s important that you understand the same may not be true of your staff. Nor should you expect such a commitment from them. While they may enjoy their jobs, and be loyal to you, you need to realize that they have other obligations and responsibilities.

Get to know the members of your team. Learn about their children and other family members. Understand their reasons for taking the job. Do the hours suit their family’s needs? Is it in a great location close to their kid’s school? Understanding them means you’ll know when they need more support, help or to change their hours.

Be Approachable

Once you understand them, you need to let them know that you are there for them. There should always be a line. You are the boss above all else. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a friendly relationship. Be there if they need you. Whether it’s to explain something they don’t quite understand in work, or they’ve got something going on at home that means their focus isn’t on work. Make sure you are approachable and someone they can ask for help if they need it.

Be Flexible

Understanding their needs is also the key to offering the flexibility they need. Use the best work schedule app to help you prepare schedules, fitting in everyone’s needs, day off requests and holidays without difficulty. It’s also important to remember that things come up. You may need to make changes to accommodate unexpected situations such as illness or problems at home. While this can be annoying, don’t show it. Be understanding and sympathetic and do all you can. Remember, the more you do for them, the more they will do for you.

Help Them

Regular staff appraisals can be incredibly useful. They are your chance to give both positive and negative feedback, to make a plan for development and to let your staff know what you need from them going forward. But, it’s also their chance to tell you what they need and want. Ask them about their plans. If they hope to gain a promotion or learn new skills and try new things, help them. Find training courses that they can go on or spend some extra time with them to aid their development. Give those that want to go further a few extra responsibilities and let them know that you are there to help them move forward.

Good managers aren’t afraid of their staff developing and moving on to new things. They are proud of their staff and their achievements. Even those that go on to become rivals.

Clear Expectations

Appraisals are a great chance to go into detail about what you expect from them, but you should also do this day-to-day. If you need something done, be very clear about what you need and expect. So there is no confusion.

Have Fun

Work is hard. It’s full of pressure. When you are under pressure, you ask for more of your staff. If you want them to deliver, it’s important that there are also fun times. Chat with them, loosen up sometimes, especially when there’s not much on. Let them see your relaxed fun side, and they’ll be more likely to work harder and be more serious when you need them to. Leading by your example.

Say Thank You

Sometimes, saying thank you means the world. We are all so quick to pick up on negatives and ask for more. Saying thank you, letting people know that you appreciate their handwork can mean a lot, increasing loyalty and respect.

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