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Okay so you’ve heard a lot about Getresponse, but then again you’ve heard a lot about IMcreator too? Ah Duh, that’s lame, now I’ve to go into writing each and every detail that makes them different? Chill, I’m just joking, I love writing reviews after a thorough study of the platforms.

So well I won’t drag into sweet talks here, let’s get down to business. I’m writing this review in order to clear the mist and give you a better idea about which one is a better platform, in respect to Landing Page creations.

You can arrive on this page from a search engine only if you googled something about GetResponse, ImCreator, or Landing pages, so I’m taking you’re not a total newcomer to the Internet marketing thing, because a newcomer doesn’t “google’ these things, you Google these only when you need specific, detailed answers, and those I’ll get you here.

But let’s first start with What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are pages designed with a specific Goal in mind. For eg. you might want to capture the Email Id’s of the visitors, or you might want to pitch them a sale. In short, landing pages are pages where your users land for a specific job defined by you.

Now, you need to make sure your Landing page is just perfect, perfect because the audience these days is extremely demanding. You miss a single element out there, and they won’t hesitate clicking the back button and that’s exactly what you don’t want to happen.

GetResponse sponse VS ImCreator Landing Pages:-

Drag & Drop Builder:-

The best thing about GetResponse landing pages is, you don’t need to code.

You can be a total noob with codes, and you still hold the potential to design the best landing page that has ever been created in the world though GetResponse’s Drag&Drop page builder.
Meaning, you get a blank canvas on the left side, and some elements on the right side, all you have to do is, slide the elements like “button”, “slider” or whatever, from the right side to the blank canvas, exactly where you want it and it’ll be placed there.
Pretty cool huh? A 5th-grade kid could design an awesome page in no time just with his creativity.
Well, this is something where they both can compete pretty well, because Imcreator too, has a Drag&Drop Page builder in action, and it’s very much similar to GetResponse ! But even then, I’d say I found the user experience, and smoothness of the drags better on GetResponse than on ImCreator, but it’s just my personal opinion.

Page Templates:-.

Well, what’s the first thing that would grab anybody’s attention when they land on a page? The design, right? They would read, interact or buy your product only if they like the design.
If the design looks like shit, it’s a clear indicator of the product being “unprofessional” and that would just kill your conversion rates.
You don’t have to worry about that with GetResponse because GetResponse has a good enough number of landing page templates, amounting to around 100+ , well that’s a pretty big number, almost more then you could ever use up in your life ! And they literally include almost every product you can imagine of, including

  • Optin
  • Download
  • Thank You
  • Sales
  • Discount
  • Webinar Invite
  • About me
  • And a lot of other things!

While IMcreator doesn’t have as many options, or variety available. You’re limited to a very narrow section of choices, and you’ve to do with that.

So considering the Page Templates, I’d say Getresponse takes the point away here.

Webinar Pages:-

This is something unique only to GetResponse!

Meaning, you can host a webinar from the inside of your GetResponse account! Trust me, Webinars work better than anything else ever invented when it comes to lead generation or making sales!

Now this is something that imCreator just doesn’t simply have! So over in this section, I’d say ImCreator would granted 0 points from my side as compared to GetResponse.


Well, you just can’t improve unless you know what’s working, and what’s not.

Also, many times the tools in themselves aren’t complete enough, and you might need the help of additional tools and frameworks to monitor, analyze or improve their performances.

And this is where the integration part comes in. Because, even if you’re creating just a landing page, you still need to integrate it with something to make it work right? So let’s see how integration friendly our these two best friends are.

GetResponse easily integrates with a lot of things and even other Email marketing tools! How cool is that, right? You can integrate your GetResponse with MailChimp, Aweber or any other client.

Not just that, you can even combine it with Social Media accounts! Meaning, you can run a landing page campaign right from your Facebook or other social media pages!

While, IMcreator does have integration support with Google Analytics and other tools too, but it doesn’t have such a diverse and extensive list of integration such as GetResponse even here, so yes GetResponse still leads.

Data Monitoring

It’s my favorite, and it works too.

Data monitoring allows you to test different variations of the same tool, to see which works better. You can know if you need to improve something, or how the performance is going. In short, it’s a kind of motivation, at least for me. To know how many hits I had, how many clicks I got, and how many people left the site without doing anything.

So it’s important, to be able to check which version of your page works, and which doesn’t, it lets me improve my page and thus the final results.

Now, GetResponse has a very efficient, in-built tool that gives you all the data you need, while with ImCreator you need to use third-party tools, like the Google Analytic tool for the job.

So I’d say, Getresponse is better in this case, why should you bother to go with third party tools when you can do it right from your dashboard? So yes my vote still goes to GetResponse.


This is the most important aspect of your strategy, and I know that.

Now this is where you’d initially get confused, and that’s why I’m mentioning it out here separately.

Initially, it looks like ImCreator is offering you the service at a cheaper rate, at only $9.55/month, while Getresponse’s plans start from $14.


If you take a deeper look, you will notice that by paying just a few extra bucks, that’s $14 for GetResponse, you’d get a lot of other features and functionalities which otherwise you’re sure to miss with ImCreator.

So, I’d say if you’re not a lot tight on the budget, go for GetResponse! Or hey, you can even try GetResponse for free for a whole month!

Final Verdict:-

I won’t go into story telling, let’s just keep it short and straightforward.

IMcreator and GetResponse both know their jobs well, and they’re worth it.

But, when it comes to “professional business model” I’d say Getresponse will be of much better help, compared to Imcreator.

But then again, Imcreator is offering you their service at a cheap $9 while GetResponse is asking for $14, which comes with additional tools and services of course, so even then GetResponse seems like a good deal in the long term.

So Bottomline?
If you want just to play around, go with ImCreator. But if you’re serious about where your career with marketing is going, I’d say don’t hesitate and Go with GetResponse right away!

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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