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Email Marketing is the backbone of any online business or marketer. Without email marketing, you cannot assure the success of an online business. Emails are the best way to update your readers with your premium content and offers. It is the most trusted and working way to generating new leads for your business.

Not only can you communicate or generate leads through email marketing but you can also build good relationship with your readers or customers by sending special offers or other good stuff to them. But, for this you need to choose the best email marketing tool which can help you to send email effortlessly. To make it easy, I am going to share two best email marketing tools and their comparison and I am sure this will help you to choose the best email marketing tool for your personal or business purposes.

Before going ahead, we should know a little overview about both email marketing software. These are GetResponse and ConstantContact.


Let’s start with a brief introduction to both services.


GetResponse is one of the kind Email Marketing tool which is trusted by thousands of its active users. According to Wikipedia, it was founded 16 years ago in 1999 and from that day, its user base is growing day by day.


Constant Contact is another Email Marketing Software with a huge number of users. It is a valuable marketing tool that would help small businesses level the playing field in the battle against big business. Constant Contact was founded as “Roving Software” in 1995 and from that day it is expanding itself day by day.

GetResponse Vs ConstantContact

Mobile Responsiveness:

Yes, mobile responsive is the most important thing that every business needs to use. Today’s most of the users or customers use mobile devices to surf the internet and if your email template or website is not mobile responsive, it will irritate your readers and they will surely quit. So, to get rid of this problem, GetResponse offers fully responsive template so your readers are comfortable while reading without doing any zoom in or zoom out.
GetResponse offers you more than 500 good looking mobile friendly email templateswhich you can use to build your blog or product newsletter.
Similarly constant contact is also highly mobile responsive and this is one place where you can choose any of the services with closed eyes.

User friendly

User experience matters a lot for any online campaign be it your website or your email template. If you don’t provide a good user experience, your readers will not stay with you. I have been using get response for quite a time. It has sleek and modern user interface.

Constant contact has a more professional look, the one you would want for your enterprise email-marketing tool. What I loved about constant contact is that it stores your contact emails in a way so that you can access it on mobile devices too. Very handy if you are a travel blogger and want to send a newsletter or email quickly.
Winner: Constant Contact


Constant Contact has some good tracking and analytics features too. But, it is far behin in case of tracking and integrating social media channels. This is a very big drawback since all major email-marketing tools offer you free social media channel integrations.

GetResponse comes with Built-in-Analytic option which allows you to track all the activities of your campaign. Through this feature, you can track the growth of your subscriber with the help of graphical charts. You can even track open rate as well as click rate. Its email intelligence tracks almost every activity on your email campaigns.

Clear winner: Get Response

Template Designing:


GetResponse has more than 500 inbuilt mobile friendly templates that you can use for sending emails. It also allows you to create your custom template as well with the help of free iStock images. However,

Moreover get response has awesome collection of drag and drop landing page tools that can further power your email campaign.

Constant Contact offers you 400+ email templates. Therefore, if you are looking for more templates you might get disappointed and creating them here with Constant Contact is not a cake walk.

Winner: Get response: large features with relatively less price models

Free Trial

Both email marketing platform offers free trial services to their clients but in the period of free trail ConstantContact beats GetResponse. ConstantContact offers 60 day free trial period whereas GetResponse offers only 30 Day free trial.
But even here, GetResponse rocks. Because it allows their user to use all the premium feature in their free trial like sending newsletters, and unlimited replies whereas Constant contact has limitation of 100 replies after which it may stop your free trial instantly.


Constant contact which offers a free 60-day trial. This time is sufficient for a newbie like me to use, try and see if they match my needs. I don’t require any phone number verification or anything.

Pricing plans

Both platform have a very good pricing and plans according to their services.

GetResponse starts from $15- $450 per month for 1000 to 100000 subscribers whereas Constant Contact starts from $20 – $85 for 500 to 10000 subscribers.

I will suggest you to choose GetResponse if you want to save some coins. If you compare the pricing, you can save $20 for 10000 subscribers. Get response offers 10000 subscribers in just $65 whereas ConstantContact offer it in $85.


Though Get response might appear cheap, constant contact offers you more time and financial freedom. It actually has student discount plans too.

Choose according to your need or after you both in the trail version.

Delivery Rate

What do you mean by Delivery Rate? It is the success rate of your mail getting delivered your sent emails in your subscriber’s mail box. It is the most important part of any email marketing tool or software you need to check while selecting any tool. In the case of these two tools, both have good delivery rate. But, GetResponse beats ConstantContact with this feature also. GetResponse offers industry High 99% delivery rate whereas ConstantContact offers 98% Delivery rate.

Winner: Both to some extent.

Other features:

  • Both GR and CC allow you to send newsletters but GetResponse offers wider range of options like action and event based autoresponder, landing page creator, and advance RSS to Email feature.
  • You can use GR on social media like Facebook and Twitter for free whereas you have to pay CC to get access for Social media integration.
  • You can cancel your GetResponse Subscription any time but you have to pay as you go services. It doesn’t refund you any money but ConstantContact offers you 100% money back guarantee.

This one feature would be a deciding factor if you are new to email marketing and want to invest in learning a tool.


Therefore, I think these are the enough reason to choose GetResponse Autoresponder services. These are the two big competitors in the market for email marketing. Both have a great following of people using their services.
If you are a new marketer or want to switch from your existing email service provider, I would suggest Constant as it gives you more time (60 days) to learn the steps.

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar is the Founder of F5 The Refresh. He is an SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging and a lot more. You can follow him on Social Media.

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