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Focus On The Right Social Media Sites And UGC Will Provide Better Results

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There are lots of ways in which you can enhance the chances of getting better results from your Instagram marketing effort. Visit any site and you will come across a lot of blogs and articles that will provide you with handsome tips and advice to expand your social media horizon.

One of the most significant ways is to focus on using the right social media sites for that matter. For most marketers Instagram happens to be the most favored, popular and effective social media site for their business promotion and marketing needs and you may too think likewise.

However, be prudent enough to take out some time to assess each of the available social media platforms so that you can identify the ones that are the most suitable considering different parameters such as:

  • Your kind of business
  • The type of product you deal with
  • The specific audience you target and their demographics and
  • The location of your business and market.

When you know about your market and target audience, it will help you decide the particular social media sites that you want to establish your presence on.

Nevertheless, you will need to understand that the marketing community that you target will be at its different stages of thebuyer journey. Therefore, it is essential that you meet their needs and expectations evenly during their buying journey. This will help you a great deal if you really want to convert them into your prospective customers.

Offerings and analytics tools to use

Experts and professional sites such as Gramblast suggest that if you want to target your customers then you will have to make sure that the offerings that you make are suitable enough to fit well within their buying journey.

For example, if you want to target an audience that is within the age group of 18 and 65, it is natural and obvious that what a 65-year-old adult will want from you will be starkly different from what an 18-year-old will.

This can be an issue, and a serious one at it to consider. However, the easiest way to tackle thisis to use one of the different website analytics tools such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Social media analytics and
  • Third-party social listening and analytics tools.

All these tools will help you to monitor your marketing campaigns so that you can learn more about the performance, the impact created as well as the audience you have targeted. When you use these tools, you will cone to know a lot of different types of metrics that will provide you with massive insights about your users and prospective customers. A few of these metrics are:

  • Interest and behavior of the audience
  • Their gender and other demographics
  • Household income
  • Country
  • Occupation and
  • Buying history and pattern.

These facts and figures are extremely useful to plan a marketing move because the interest, behavior, needs and preferences of the audiences will vary from one single person to another affecting their buying style. That means, you will not only have to know about the needs of A but also that of B, C, D till Z.

The social sites usage

Instagram usage is among key demographics that you should consider when it comes to converting social media followers into your prospective customers. You will need to consider all the measurables and variables when you analyze so that your results indicate the number of your target audience according to the different age groups.

It therefore makes a lot of sense to use Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat among the best social media marketing platforms for promoting your business, brand and product. The simple reason to use these sites is that these have the highest number of users that fall under different age groups that you are targeting.

However, irrespective of the social site that you use it is essential that you direct your target audience to the social marketing sites of your choice so that you eventually sustain your business interests.

User Generated Content

There is no better way that to tap the user-generated content or UGC if you want better results from your Instagram marketing campaigns. UGCs are considered to be the most remarkable digital marketing tools.

  • This can significantly change the end-game and even change the face of a business.
  • This is also an effective marketing tool that will help you to convert your social media followers into prospective buyers.

The reason behind that is UGCs serve as a vote. This guarantees the effectiveness, trust and superiority of your brand, product, or services. If you put it in a different way, the UGC is an upvote that will keep on promoting your brand as well as the message continually.

  • It will point out to your users that your brand, product or services are extremely efficient. That means in other words, the user-generated content is the vote of confidence as well as publicity.
  • This is very active and effective simply because the content comes from those people who have actually used your product. The fact that they are willing to share their content with you indicates that they are satisfied with the performance and usefulness of your product.

That means in plain and simple words, when you use UGC in your Instagram marketing mix, you are actually using other users as your brand advocates for your marketing campaigns.

  • Research says that more than 25% of consumers actually make a purchase when they see that a product is being used by others.
  • It is also found that more than 76% of the consumers identify the user generated contents to be more truthful and reliable.

Therefore, in this regard if you want to add UGCs in your marketing campaign you will be better off but you will have to make sure that the contents come from your most trustworthy clients and buyers. Their experience with your product will matter most to other users. This strategy will significantly and effectively boost customer acquisition and also help you to drive new followers to convert into prospective buyers.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.

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