10 Best Fitness Apps For Your Daily Use – Track Your Fitness

fitness apps
fitness apps

There is now no excuse for anyone not to get fit. Technological marvels have been helping people gain the best form they want with ease. The rise of treadmills and more equipment for fitness push people to their limits even when they are pressed for time. If you have a phone, a tablet, a PC, or even a smartwatch, fitness will follow you. iPhones already come with fitness apps, and Androids do, too. Stick around and look at this countdown for the best apps around for smartphones.

Calorie Counter

UnderArmour has earned this spot for the free calorie counter they offer. It comes with an ever-increasing library of foods, both local and international, to help you keep track of what you eat. You can even contribute to it. It also sets your goal weight and prompts you to target another when you’ve reached it.

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Pedometers measure your steps every day. This app gives you an overview of how many steps you should take every day to reach a certain weight. When you purchase the app’s premium version, you can even get a live coach to teach and help you. You can speed up your weight loss with steroids pills from faster than anything else out there.

Charity Miles

Both available for the iOS and Android, this app compels you to walk, run, or just go cycling for a reason. Every mile you reach gives out a donation from sponsors all over the world. You don’t just get fit for yourself; you get fit for everyone!

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

There are many 7-minute workout apps out there, but this one is the best. With the times for resting added up, you only use 11-minutes for your workout. This incorporates jumping jacks and exercises using chairs and stairs. Plus, you only have to do it once a day! Neat, isn’t it?




The premium version of this music app gives you more than free access to its huge library. It also gives you the ability to use its running tempo feature. This changes the music according to your pace to make you feel more energized and ready to go.


Much like the other tracking apps on this list, this one gives a better measurement than all the others. It can monitor different things. Even caffeine intake can be measured. Make sure you get this one and try it out for the fun colored interface and the different measuring systems.




This app works best when you already have the Fitbit wearable tracker. Nevertheless, it is included in this list because of the leaderboards that show who had the most activity for the day. This makes fitness competitive, and some just love a hint of rivalry and competition.


This app stands in as your coach for your training. You can make the best kind of workout for yourself and calibrate accordingly. Some apps just make it hard to follow. This app avoids that hassle so that you can work out at your own pace.

Lose It!

This another calorie counter helps you stay fit by knowing what you eat. You can take a picture of the food you want to eat, and it shows you how nutritious it is. It also has different exercises on the list so you can keep track of your cardio and calorie burning. Peer support can actually help you get motivated.


All those apps talked about losing weight and tracking your goals. How about building some muscle? This app helps you choose the best training for yourself to make sure you can build muscle while doing it. The extensive library boasts of thousands of strength exercises. You can use it free, or pay for premium to get rid of the ads and get more features.

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