How to Find Your Blogging Voice

Find Your Blogging Voice
Find Your Blogging Voice

I knew I was onto something.

But when I wrote and self-published the highest rated eBook on Amazon within its category, I saw quickly that I was, in fact, writing in my blogging voice.

My eBook on how to find your writing voice has 49 reviews on Amazon. Every single review is a 5-star review.


I give bloggers and authors permission to create content in their own blogging voice. Even better? I give you permission to succeed while you write in your own voice.

Finding your blogging voice will boost your traffic, increase your blogging profits and most of all, you will feel comfortable in your own blogging skin when writing in your own voice.

Whenever I meet blogging buddies offline for the first time they always say I speak and act just like how they envisioned I’d be when they read my blog posts.

Follow these tips to find your blogging voice.

1: Blog Your Passion

Blog your passion

Blog your passion

Blog your passion.

Allow the true you to flow through your blog.

Finding your blogging voice gets easier and easier if you blog on a topic you feel passionate about. The rigid, stiff writing style consistent with most blogs is borne of blogging mainly for money.

These bloggers totally miss the boat when it comes to blogging in their authentic voice because you cannot be genuine if you blog mainly to get something.

On the flip side of things, passionate bloggers who blog mainly for fun have few issues finding their writing voice because they are at peace with having those rough edges which are critical to being real and incredibly authentic.

2: Write 1000 Words Daily in a Word Document

Write 1000 Words Daily

Write 1000 Words Daily

This is the #1 practical tip for you to follow.

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document.

Follow this ritual daily to strip away self-conscious fears that block your writing voice.

Hands down, following this daily habit for years, helped me find my authentic, one of a kind writing voice. I had to stick to writing when I didn’t feel like it sometimes but doing so gave me confidence and clarity in writing how I write.

Do not skip this practice. Diligently follow a daily writing habit. Open a Word document. Write 1000 words on your blogging niche or any topic for that matter. Just write.

When you hit your desired word count just trash the document to develop a sense of detachment about your writing.

3: Follow Authentic Bloggers

Follow Authentic Bloggers

Follow Authentic Bloggers

Follow authentic bloggers.

Read their posts.

Comment on their posts.

Build bonds with these genuine, dyed in the wool bloggers. Feast on their energy. Allow their clear, confident writing style to rub off on you.

By following bloggers who write in their own voice you give yourself permission to do the same. Gone will be the legions of bloggers who focus on a clear, simple but fairly Plain Jane 3rd person, dry writing style. Seeing those inspired bloggers who write with courage, clarity and conviction inspire you to find your own blogging voice too.

Surround yourself primarily with bloggers who are free spirits. Eventually, these individuals will rub off on you.

4: Tell Stories

Tell Stories

Tell Stories

Telling stories is a simple way to detach a bit from your writing to create posts in your own voice.

Writing 3rd person perspective, practical tips style posts often pulls you away from crafting entertaining, authentic stories that help you find your blogging voice.

It’s like you’re moving from tension to relaxation when you move from practical tips to telling stories.

Add your personal stories to your post. You will become less self-conscious, more genuine and you will allow your writing voice to surface when you weave more tales.

The eBook

If you want to find your writing voice buy my eBook:

How to Find Your Writing Voice

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you finding your writing voice?

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