Expected Features of IPhone 7


Up till now, Apple, Inc. has already launched six stable releases of IPhone. IPhone 7 is being expected to attack the smart phone market in September 2015. Everybody is thinking IPhone 7 as a major upgrade in market of smart phones.

Following are some of the expected features of IPhone 7

Built in apps

IPhone 7 is coming with a lot of built in apps which were not present in the previous versions of IPhone. These apps include enhanced version of Notes, Maps etc. These apps would definitely act on the reviews of IPhone 7.


Innovation and creativity is incomplete with artificial intelligence. It is a feature that enables the device to act appropriately in unusual situations. Luckily this feature has got serious important in IPhone 7.

Following are some of the features that have made artificial intelligence prominent in IPhone 7:-

  • Relevant people – suggests the user with relevant people.
  • Suggested apps – helps the user in finding most commonly used apps easily.
  • In the news – provides the user with a facility of reading news related to area suggestions.
  • Places nearby – helps finding important places in the vicinity of user’s location.

Display Screen size

Right now it is really difficult to predict about the size and orientation of display screen because there are no official releases about IPhone 7 design however it is the hot rumor that most possibly IPhone 7 will come in screen size of IPhone 6 and Apple, Inc. would release a plus version of IPhone 7 also.

Camera description

It has been stated by several reasonable sources that the IPhone 7 will be launched in the market with a camera size of about 12 mega pixel with HDR effect and retina effect, also with enhanced auto features.


Apple, Inc. has already officially released the iOS 10 version with latest and inspiring new features that would be launched practically through IPhone 7. IOS 9 is quite faster than older versions of iOS. Hence quality and performance of IPhone 7 would be lifted a little.


It has been heard that IPhone 7 would be latest chip that is manufactured by NFC and it would also be having a chip by Qualcomm. These features would definitely help improving rather rectifying bugs in previous IPhone. It look and feel has been discussed as very impressive.


One would be able to perform multiple tasks at one time in iOS 9.

Extra features

Following are some of anonymous features of IPhone 7 that should not be omitted:-

  • Adding notes from other app, i.e. one would be able to create notes related to other app, browsers etc.
  • Wallet has been enhanced for multiple accounts.
  • Car play feature would do an extra ordinary job by helping driver.

To pen off one could easily say that IPhone 7 would be great innovative invention by just imagining its expected features. Let’s wait for the official release of IPhone 7and see what Apple, Inc. has given new to smart phone world! For iphone 6 users, we create a awesome list of iphone 6 plus wallet cases

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