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As we all know that paper forms take too much time to prepare and fill out. Due to paper forms, you all need to do data entry manually and it is prone to human error. So, to get rid of all these slow processes you should contact AidaformOnline Form Builder to make online forms for your business to save the day. They will give you the tools and resources to build effective online forms for your business.

Type of online forms:

No matter what your line of business is, all type of business has some similar forms and Aidaform will help you to make all types of forms like:

  • Contact form
  • Feedback form
  • Order form
  • Feedback form

How important online forms are?

Imagine you have been waiting forever for reservations at a special restaurant but when you finally get there the floundering waiter mixes up your order because they thought you ordered for wedges when you clearly said veggies. Now you are staring at a plate of pasta with potato wedges wishing you had just gotten what you were trying to eat. With this, you feel very disappointed with your food, the chef is confused and when you trying to explain the waiter get embarrassed also. This experience might make you decide it is not worth coming back to the restaurant because of this awkward experience with ordering.

Likewise, all it takes is an annoying order form to drive away a customer that your business almost had. To get a complete order from your potential customers or clients all you need is an online order form that you can create on the website of AidaformOnline Form Builder. With the help of an online form for your business, you will get the exact order by your customers. You can add a number of fields to your order forms like:

Image Choices option:

To showcase your business products, a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason. No description can match an actual picture of your products. Let your clients see what they are going to order and you will eliminate misunderstood orders, refunds, and mutual disappointment.

Formula option:

This option will make your form smarter by automatically calculating values based on previous form entries. By adding a formula field, it will automatically do the math by calculating the total amount based on the order details.

Currency option:

With this option, you can set up your formula field to display the grand total in your currency field. Your customers can choose the currency of their countries.

Payment option:

Most customers like to do everything done in one go. With this option, your customers can make payments right in the order form. There is no need to follow up to make sure you receive your money. You can add the payment merchants like PayPal, Razor pay etc.

So, if you want your products to reach your customers and if you want to get all the orders accurately from your customers or clients then AidaformOnline Form Builder has the best software by which you can make your personalized forms for your website.

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