5 Tips To Adding Call Tracking To Your Marketing Strategy


Marketing your company does not have to be a challenge or an uphill battle. There are simple ways to employ marketing strategies to help you increase traffic to your website and generate more sales. In 2018, the marketing industry is adding more services to their repertoire and falling back on old ones as well. Some historical marketing strategies such as Analytic Call Tracking may have been used for quite some time, but they prove to work. This article will showcase some tips to adding call tracking to your marketing strategy this year.

#1 Keyword tracking

Call tracking is often recorded. This helps you listen in to what the customer is having to say and it also gives you an opportunity to discover keyword tracking. Identifying keywords will help you when you go to build your website or social media channels as you can then speak to your customer in a language that they identify with and can understand.

#2 Listen to your employees speak with potential customers

Your employees are paramount to your success. One way to ensure that they are knowledgeable and are doing a good job is to listen in on their conversations with potential customers. You will be able to identify what tactical strategies work best and spend time training other employees to add specific phrases or keywords to their conversations with customers.

#3 Track campaigns to see what is working

When you have a marketing plan, it is important to conduct research on your return on investment. There is no sense in employing a marketing strategy to not find out if it worked for you or not. Talk about throwing away money! Track your campaigns by listening to the call tracking recordings. You can glean helpful information from them that will allow you to potentially turn a new idea of a piece of information into a revenue-generating opportunity.

#4 Helps you understand where to spend money

Call tracking is more than just listening in on your employees’ conversations or listening for specific keywords or topical areas. Call tracking can help you determine where you need to invest more money to enhance your company. Whether it be on training staff, marketing to a specific area of your city, or targeting a specific population, call tracking can give you pertinent information that can enhance your current marketing strategy and can give you helpful insight on how to spend your money.

#5 Listen to what the customer has to say

This is a critical component of building a marketing strategy and running a successful business. The customer has needs that they are looking to be met. That is why they want to work with you and hire your company. Listen to what the customer is saying and find out how you can better serve them in the future. A customer wants to be successful in their endeavors like you want to be successful in your business. Instead of thinking about generating revenue, think about how you can help the customer. As a result of helping the customer, will generate the revenue that you’re seeking.

Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh is a blogger and writes on TricksRoad.

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