Best Time To Send A Newsletter

Best Time To Send A Newsletter

Like most of the people, you’re constantly hooked on your emails. Most of us don’t like it when companies send you a lot of newsletter at a time. Nobody likes to open their email and get showered with hundreds of newsletters.

So people are trying to find the right time for sending a newsletter scientifically. This will be done by analyzing different timings of different companies in which they send the newsletters.

The Two Types Of Interpreting The Data

There are two possible ways of interpreting the data that has been collected. First of all, the most appropriate time to send newsletter is when no-one else is sending it.

You don’t want to be just a random one. That is why you don’t want to send an email in a busy time. Some say that when everyone else is sending an email you should send one too. This can partly be true but it is not good every time as per email marketing tips 2018.

That is why in this article we’re going to look at the best times to send a newsletter as a tool for email marketing:

Best Time To Send A Newsletter

If you want to know what the perfect time for sending a newsletter is, you should go with a time that is not used by all. For example, you want to send an email at that time when no one else is sending.

There is no other reason why you should send it at a time when most of the people do. This will only increase your competition as an email marketer. Sending an email at any other time will decrease the chance of it being read by the targeted audience.

Best Time To Send A Newsletter

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In a study, it was found that there were three timings. These timings were free of any email traffic. That means during these time periods no emails were sent. These timings were- 11-12 PM, 1-2 PM and 2-3 PM. Also, you don’t need to worry about the time zones as it is similar in every one of them.

That is the reason why these timings increase the chances of your email to be seen and read. This advice has been given by the experts. Now you’re left with these three timings. A question arises now. That is which one of the given Timings is actually the best for sending newsletters?

Expert opinion says that it just a matter of trial error and understanding your customers. The best time according to them is from 2-3 PM. The reason behind supporting this timing is because it’s past lunchtime.

During this time period, people feel a lot recharged. After having lunch they’re most likely to read their emails. And then your work is done. The first thing that they’ll see is your newsletter.

Most of the emails take no time to be read. As soon as the audience receive it they read it. That is why you want to hit someone with your emails when they’re sitting at their desks ideally.

The person who is on the computer screen is most likely to read your emails. The email will be the recreation they will get from their work. Everyone likes taking small breaks from their work.

That is the main reason why experts recommend that you send your emails in the given time blocks i.e., between 2-3 PM.

Other Timings For Sending Your Newsletter

If you’re thinking that you don’t want to be the only one to send an email newsletter at a time. Here are some other time periods which are not the best. But they are fairly good. What that means is your emails might get a little bit of competition.

These time blocks are 9-10 AM, 10-11 AM, 12-1 AM and 4-5 PM.

So these are some of the best times in which you can send an email newsletter. These time blocks will help your email to be seen and read.

This will give your newsletter a chance of better returns. Also, it will boost your position in the competition.

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