Best Smartphone Games To Refresh your Mind

Best Smartphone Games
Best Smartphone Games

Smartphones are the trending gadget these days. You can see even small children are using a smartphone and they are very much addicted to using internet and games. The craze of social media and smartphone games are at its peak.

In this busy life, everyone needs something to relax their mind. And games are a useful way to refresh your mind and stay away from the tiredness.

Doesn’t matter how stressed you are, if you play games for at least 15 minutes, you will feel so much relaxed. So you can say that smartphone games play a vital role to improve the mental health of a human being in today era because you have no time to relax for long hours and there is nothing which can give you that much relaxation that gives a game.


In this article, we are going to discuss some useful mind refreshing smartphone games which can also help you to increase mind productivity as well as refresh your mind.

Penny Roulette

Do you love to play casino games? If you love it, Penny Roulette is the best smartphone casino game. It is a low-risk game so if you have a very tight budget or just want to play for the fun, you can go with Penny Roulette with almost no risk. This game comes with an extraordinary betting system which makes it out of the box casino game. So if you love casino, don’t waste your time or money on other games, start playing penny roulette today and have fun.

Math Workout

Do you love math? To be true, I never loved the math. One more secret, I failed in my math exam 🙁 Hehehe, apart from a joke, if you are a math lover, this game is best for you. This app is specially designed for 7+ year child who has less interest in math. So parents can encourage their child with the help of this app and enhance their math problem-solving skills. Kids can practice addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, work on speed or fluency, and take advanced challenges.

Sudoku World

Ah, sudoku. I love it. I used to solve Sudoku on the newspaper when I had no smartphone. But when I got my first smartphone, I used to play and solve Sudoku on the smartphone. And Sudoku World is the best mind training as well as refreshing smartphone game which help you increase your mental power. Sudoku World is a best brain training app which helps you to keep your mental health on track and increase your brain productivity.

Brain Age Game

I am not sure how much it will affect your mind. I never played this but it is much recommended by one of my friends. He used to play this daily before going to bed and also when he woke up. So thought to add this brainstorming smartphone app in this list. In this brain training smartphone game, you have given simple math question and you have to solve out those. These will help you to refresh your mind and increase your mental health.

Brain Café

If you are not doing regular brain workout, you are killing it. And if you want to make it active you need to exercise your mind with different brain training activities. So if you are science lover, let me introduce Brain Cafe smartphone game for you which enable you to gain knowledge about your planet and geography. You can find thousands of question around the planet and geography on Brain Cafe brain training app.

HQ Trivia

Earning money online while playing the game on the smartphone is now trending. You have seen your friends talking that there is a quiz time at 3 PM or 9 PM. Then they are playing HQ Trivia type games and earn money by answering questions. You have given 12 multiple choice questions and you will have most probably 10 sections to answer each question. If you answer all the question accurately, you win the show. This will help you to earn some pocket money as well as increase your mental health.

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans

This is one of my favorite game which sometimes awake me in the middle of the night to power up my army. Hehe… Yes, it’s true, I was too much addicted to this game. Doesn’t matter how much tired or stressed I am, after playing COC few minutes, I totally feel fresh. So I will also suggest you this game to refresh your mind after a lot of work. But remember addiction is bad.

Hockey Nations 18

Are you a hockey lover? To be true, I am not that much but sometimes I love to watch hockey. And some time to spend my time, I used to play Hockey Nation 18 android game.

“Experience the speed and intensity of Ice Hockey with the return of the HOCKEY NATIONS franchise! Deliver those big hits, wind up a howitzer of a slap-shot and aim a well-timed wrister while playing in 7 thrilling tournaments in HOCKEY NATIONS 18.”

Final Words

Hope you will find these apps ultimate to refresh your mind after so much tired and stressed day. If you want to add any of your brain training android or iOS app, please feel free to add in the comment section.

Thank You.

Naveen Kumar
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