5 Best Responsive HTML Templates For Your Next Project

HTML Templates
HTML Templates

HTML themes are a great way to kickstart your web development project. Responsive HTML themes are in great demand right now as they give you the flexibility of designing a website that works on all screen sizes. With so many devices being used to access the internet and view websites, it is quite hard to make static web pages that only work on certain devices. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript now enables websites to responsive. Frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, HTML5 Boilerplate, HTML Kickstart and so on allow the responsive website to be constructed easily from scratch. However, if you are looking for a ready-made solution that works just out of the box with minor customizations, then you need to get HTML page templates.

These templates are built using these frameworks, either for a specific purpose or as a generic website that you can customize according to your needs. Here are the top 5 HTML templates that implement responsive web design.


Boxus is built keeping in mind the needs of creative professionals and freelancers. Besides being responsive, Boxus also comes with multiple sections and styles that you can easily customize. There are 10 uniquely styled sections and two different portfolio styles. The template makes use of a sticky navigation bar, has a single page design and every element comes with hover animations. There are dedicated sections for embedding video content, comes with a working form and has Google Maps integration. For individuals looking for a quick and easy way to set up a website, Boxus is the ideal solution.


AweSplash, as the name implies, is a splash page for websites. It is a perfect landing page solution that can be used for a product launch, website launch or even for upcoming events. There are a bunch of buttons that are built right into the theme that allows linking to other websites or web pages. The inclusion of Animate Headline JavaScript plugin makes the page look even more engaging.


Built from scratch for restaurants, Beverages makes use of the Bootstrap framework and Google Web Fonts. It is extremely easy to customize and comes with a large number of pages. If you want to have a website for your restaurant or takeaway service, then Beverage is a great option. Moreover, the website is quite simple and does not contain a lot of modifications over the base framework. This makes it quite easy to work with.


The conceit is a completely responsive website template for enterprises. It comes with a large number of customizable modules, incorporates all the pages that an enterprise website would need and gives a lot of freedom to developers who want to create their own pages with the modules of this template. The template already comes with multiple themes that are pre-designed for certain businesses. Moreover, it comes with contact pages, blog pages, 404 error pages and a whole lot more. For any medium to large sized business, Conceit is the perfect solution.


Asentus is a lightweight and flexible solution for small businesses and enterprises. For people who need to get their website up and running by themselves, Astenus is a highly scalable option that uses responsive web design. It comes with multiple pages – home, products, pricing, contact, about, FAQ and so on. It also has sliding header backgrounds, testimonial carousel, contact forms and more. Moreover, the clean and elegant design provides you with a good starting point too.

There is no shortage of Responsive HTML templates on the internet. Moreover, there’s nothing called the best template. This list covers the template that can get you started with almost any website of any scale with zero investment. However, the perfect template for your needs may be something other than the five listed here. So, make sure you have a prepared a list of functional requirements before you start hunting for the perfect template.

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